Not Fair

Do the people responsible for running this site believe that shutting the site down for maintenance durining games is fair, i lost over 5,000 chips (even though they are free to play with, I still had to play to win them) when the site shut for maintenance on 15 Dec, when I could return to site the game had finished, how can that be if SFM, please explain.

I dont thik thet was on porpuse.

I think too much load was on the site, that couse the down-time. The site 24/7 , if maintanence downtime, will be game iterrupted. Regardless is it sheduled or not.

If you give the tour number, Im sure the staff sort it out for you.

This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled whats going on here. ok I paid my 2k buy in for the satalite and was made a ghost so I lost that, Then I paid 15k to play and the site would not connect so I lost that Then I came in 16th place for the weekly payout of 61k and never got the chips, so what am I to do now???

Sorry about that imagine. I’ve refunded you the 5K chips now. Our current message is misleading, as we show it both for scheduled maintenance and when there’s a problem with the server. I just discussed it with the dev team now and we’re going to change it to a different message to make it clear that it’s an actual problem rather than a planned update.

I wish to thankyou for the quick response and for the refund of my 5K of chips.

You’re welcome =)

3 x I have had a flush and the winning hand was given to person that had 2 pairs.Each time I went all in and lost all my chips .

Is it possible you played Omaha? Omaha is different as Holdem. In Omaha you get 4 cards dealt, to make your best hand you must use 2 hand cards and 3 community cards.

When you have 1 spade in your hand and there are 4 spade on table, you have no flush, your best hand you make from 2 hand cards and 3 community cards. And with 3 spades in your hand in 2 spades on table, you have no flush, you can only use 2 spades from your hand. To make flush you need 3 spades on the table.