Not being credited for a winning hand

Omaha (High) Game 183668636 - I’m junket, I had A656 in my hand and the board showed JQ1010K I had a Ace High Straight using the Ace and ether the 6 or 5 from my hand. I was only given credit for two pair 6’s and 10’s while my opponent was given the Ace High Straight for using his Ace and whatever card remaining in his hand. That hand should of been a split-pot between my opponent and myself both showing Ace High Straights. What Gives? Is the computer software used here been created to be a cheat?
This matter needs a monitor’s attention STAT, and should receive a priority level inquiry as to what it takes to resolve this problem. Sincerely

Hi junket,
In Omaha you must use two cards from your hand and three from the community or dealt cards with your best five card hand counting. In this hand you do NOT have an Ace straight as you are counting four community cards and only your ace. Your opponent had Ad Jh Ks 6s and therefore used his A K to fill the straight with the Q J T on the flop. It does not require a monitor’s attention or a priority level inquiry with regard to software cheating but it does suggest that you invest a little time learning the most basic rules of this wonderful game. The staff and playing community on here are more than willing to help with any questions you may have. The rules of Poker are even available on-line.
Hope this helps and explains it for you. Welcome to Poker…
Good luck and Good Cards…