Not allowed to join from SB seat in MTT

MTT Rebalanced, and I’m seated 2 seats in front of the BB, the dealer doesn’t deal me in and the chat says I can’t join the table from the SB chair. I wasn’t IN the SB chair!

Annoying I know. I hate the way Replay handles the blinds in tours and ring games. The one I get a lot is when I bust in a ring game and have to re buy. Because I missed a hand (which Replay considers me to technically be off the table since I don’t have chips even though I’m still in my seat) I have to post a BB even if I only missed my SB and even if I didn’t miss a blind. Why wouldn’t they be able to treat this as if I was away? I always post it though because I don’t want to wait however many hands it is till the blinds get back to me.

I click auto rebuy when I sit down, so I don’t have to worry about that happening to me. The only time I have a problem is if I get disconnected at some point, then it reverts to the default.

if you watch the hand before, only 2 players are in hand, you and the seat to ur left arent in the hand, the person on your right was add’d mid hand, along with the person seat 6.

When you were seated ( and greyd out ) , before you arrived and was no longer grey’d out… you were in the SB posistion, and the status msg was correct at the time.

So the button skipp’d both you and the person on your left, leaving you 2 seats infront of the BB , as you correctly stated.


Good catch.