Not able to Log Out or Chat

Nothing happens when I click anything in the list starting with profile and ending with log out. Am not able to write in the chat.

Any suggestions= “DryRiesling”

Hi DryRiesling

Not sure what is the problem, but maybe this helps.

You can check if you have the latest version of Adobe Flashplayer, or re-install the flashplayer. More info on the page Kowledge Base

Also important is remove cookies and browserhistory regulary (clear the cache).

I use CCleaner daily, that removes cookies and history from all browsers and from Java. You can use another browser, sometimes another browser works better for you. Myself, i use Google Chrome, for me it is faster than Firefox which i used before.

Scan your computer on spyware / malware

For your chat problem you can read this topic

Hope it helps. Greetings Happiness.

I removed all cash and cookies - did not help I updated Adobe flashplayer - did not help I uppdated both my webbrewsers(Opera snd Chrome) did not help I installed a new brewser - Firefox - now it all works fine for me

Thanks for your help


Thank you for the update. That’s very strange, but glad you were able to get it working in Firefox. :slight_smile: