Not able to invite friend

i have tried twice to invite a friend to the site and he has not received the e-mail invite

this can easily be checked into. Thank you for letting us know

It is being checked into.

Hi johndqqq

I asked support to check it, It looks like you made a typo in your second email, My best guess is that the other email was overlooked or that it went to the person’s spam folder. Maybe he can check his spam folder.

The tech staff will look into the system to see if there is an issue here. Please contact when this problem remains.

Greetings Happiness.

We appear to have a problem right now with players using yahoo email accounts not receiving their email. It’s going straight into their spam folder. So if you have a yahoo account I suggest you always check your spam folder and also add the email address we send you the emails from ( to your address book… that way the email will never go to spam.

We’re fixing this issue with yahoo and hopefully by next week the emails will be going through normally.

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Emails to accounts now appear to be working normally again.