NOSTALGIA - WHO is playing more more MTT & SnGs to avoid the new tables?

Friends have commented on playing MTT & SnGs to avoid the new tables or bc they like the feel of the old tables.

Is that you? Or have you noticed more players swarming to MTT & SnGs… Thoughts?


Avoiding ???
Either I get a headache in 5-10 minutes… or
I can’t chat or manually bet effectively, and
get headache in 30 minutes.

Either way, to me, I can’t play the beta tables.
All thats left is SnG-MTT.


Wearing Blu-Blocker sunglasses was mentioned by some for the new electric green. I rest My eyes playing Omaha etc… Much darker shade of color on the other Games rather than Hold em.


Not understanding about the felt color…I don’t seem to notice any effect on my eyes ect.

btw,i’m 76 and wear bifocals and the print is fine for me also but I rings and freerolls mostly.

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Yeah - used to play rings fairly often, but most of my low stakes ring friends disappeared when the tables changed. I continued playing rings, purely for profit, on the flash tables (usually 2-3 at once). Every once in awhile I join a new table to see if it has improved enough for me to play without getting a headache and to suggest improvements. I have found that I can play for at least an hour now if I turn off the sound and don’t attempt to read the chat. Although I haven’t had a problem chatting if the whole table is moderators, so I’m hoping the darker text will help that. Unfortunately, turning off the sound means I’m stuck playing one table at a time or making everyone wait until I notice its my turn or get sat out. It isn’t much fun. Normally, when they shut down MTTs for maintenance, I go to ring tables. This time I turned off the computer and read a book, so yeah, guess I’m avoiding them. I keep hoping they improve enough to be playable for me before they are released on the entire site.


i cannot play the new tables. the timingsout it is slow ,icheck or rise, in plenty of time ,but i still get timed out. it is fine on the old tables .if it does not improve l will not be playing on this site.




Ring game player moving to MTT & SnGs? I like to be optimistic. Life gives you lemons - go to bootlo & buy corona beer.

Life’s obstacles & challenges will & should help us grow & provide direction & opportunities otherwise undiscovered.

I’m looking forward to dabbling in some MTT in future.

After the old tables are no more then what? Plans, Expectations
(I do feel the new tables can be improved & fixed but will they? & how long?)

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Its disappointing that friends leave. Cant really blame them tho. I would always try to play 2 tables at a time, purely for profit on the old tables (flash) & could easily do so. Not so on the new tables…

All I ask is that the new tables be as good as the old tables NOT better . Too much to ask?

Its disappointing u need to make this sacrifice to endure the new tables. Can you play multitables with new tables? I think you already answered this generally as no. My question is a bit ambiguous. My answer is NO i cant. Ok theoretically & in actuality I can but not as successfully as the old tables. Dogs is a slower player on the new tables compared to the old tables & less profitable. Im wasting my own time & everyone elses on the new tables. I think a major problem is progression & knowing whose turn it is. I have discussed the specifics of this in a diff forum & might mention later.

I thought maybe I should ban myself from playing 2 table, focus & only play 1. Might be a solution? but should we be forced to make sacrifices to play the new & improved tables?

Again all I ask is that the new tables be as good as the old tables NOT better. Too much to ask?

Playable is subjective. I have experienced lag so bad i would consider the new tables at times & ocassionally unplayable. Another subject. The new tables are playable but certainly not to the extent of the old tables.

After the old tables are no more, what then?

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What then? adjust or leave lol

I do think the old tables were more player friendly and I think most players here are unhappy.
I don’t see why they didn’t just switch to HTML5 and leave the old format.They could have added some of the things the players requested as time went by,haven’t really see many if any of the things players have asked for…I don’t play as often as I use to .


Simple, whether your fun is 3 tables @ once, chatt’n with ur friends each night, or just wanting to play some poker without getting a headacahe or it being a hassle…
Once its all beta all the time … Then we find a new place to play…

We all had high expectations of the H5 update. As time goes on, this player wonders where we go from here… If rake can’t even be reposistioned, what does that say for more pressing problems ??

I have yet to find someone who likes the beta tables, maybee thats cause after the Ring rollout, I don’t really have contact with ppl playing on them, just my peeps that continue to play MTTs (flash).

I did try and contribute to the community by testing and feedback. I was ok when it was just some Rings, thinking the bugs would get ironed out before a complete rollout to any of the lobbies.

I agree Dogs, the betas should be as functional as the flash tables are as a minimum, then improve from there.


I’ve really tried to hold my tongue on this topic lately, but damn…

I’m pretty much unable to play at this point. The computer I’m currently using cannot handle the higher cpu demand of the new tables for very long. I’ve tried several different browsers to no avail. I was able to avoid the new tables by playing at 1K/2K ring games, but now I can’t do that. I used to play with friends at 2/4 and 5/10, but they aren’t there anymore. I can’t even watch a linked replay of a new table because this also is too much for my computer. I’m done playing poker at Replay until the situation changes

Fortunately, we have the forums and private messages still available. If nothing else, maybe we can keep in touch after we lose interest and migrate to new haunts on the web. Time will tell…


There is options to play SnGs & MTT old tables (flash). Im trying to motivate myself to play poker again.

Forcing myself to play SnGs or MTT or some new table rings.

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I agree. I think the implementation & testing could have been done much better & over a longer period of time. There was no option previously to test the new tables in MED/HIGH stakes ring games for those players. I accept the old tables will eventually disappear but i think more time to test, fix & improve the new tables was in order.

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Sassy summed it up perfectly…along with a lot of the others. I had already spoken my piece in another area, but to sum it up…why oh why replay did you try to “enhance” us. Horrible, horrible results. I play the tourneys now, but as they say when those are gone who knows what I will do.
A brave Replay Poker might say…oops, we goofed and return the tables to the way they were.


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