Nordic Warriors League

There is also a Nordic Warriors Skype chat where we have fun and chat, with the leaderboard updates, if you would like to join the Skype room just let me know. or click the link, it will take you right in, Skype is part of Microsoft and can be downloaded easily from here Download Skype for mobile & desktop | Skype if you don’t have it already.
Here is the Skype link to Nordic Warriors Join conversation

I think I made a new record on how quickly I exited a game. In my short time, I still had fun. Thanks for putting on a great show rain


Welcome to all the new players that have joined, our list or members is growing all the time! here at the Nordic League we welcome all that are willing to take on the challenge, you will make some new friends here, along with playing against some really great opponents.
The leaderboard will finish this short quarter end of this month.
We will start a new leader board 10/03/2023 and then follow the normal three-month four quarter year schedule.

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Odin’s Army game In the Nordic Warriors League, 20k entry NL Holdem tonight at 9pm EST!
Play if you can members, non-members join up and have some fun!

How’s this for a championship badge?

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Thats fantastic, it’s like cool biker patch!

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Great game tonight! Some guy named _Rain_ won, probably a glitch in the matrix.
@boyd2 second and our @oOoCLSoOo third and @Goatsoup fourth, in the money!

Here are your top ten.


Link to Leader Board

Combined Leader Board

Is the league going to consider taking an RPOS break as the League of Legends late game will be butting up against our normal start time. Since it is the last week of the quarter, it is actually a good spot for a bye week and set up for the first full quarter of competition. Not a big deal if we don’t I just think our numbers may be low.

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I will look into that, thank you for bringing that to my attention.

Game tonight starting now!!

Congratulations @Weedwoman420 for the win tonight!


Omaha Hi/Lo Leader board update

Combined LB update

Link to LB

We are looking for a Team NL Holdem player on the Pirates in the Dream Weaver league, this is a great team, they are the 2023 champions of the league, and a blast to play with. If you are interested in playing with great group of players, hit me up with a friend request or @Despina11 our captain. this is the most attended league on Replay 60 to 75 players show up for every game.

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I believe all 4 teams are recruiting so if anyone is interested to see the members on each team to see if they have friends playing and what team they are on please send me a friend request and I can send you that info !