Nordic Warriors League

I am in process of naming the games and think that’s a great idea! and as far as the leader boards, we have @_snowman to thank for those, he is the brains behind the script.


Nordic Warriors Game Tonight
Put on your game face, because we have some great players!
Game at 9pm EST


Congratulations to tonight’s winners.
NL Holdem

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NL Holdem Leader Board

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Combined Leader Board

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Along with my other duties, I serve as a league advisor on The Early Bird League
This is a great league full of fun people with a positive vibe.
They play medley team poker and heads up games.


NL Holdem MTT and Heads-Up are at 3:00pm EST Saturdays. (Go For Broke).

NL Omaha hi/lo MTT and Heads-Up are at 3:00pm EST Thursdays. (Split The Pot).

NL Royal Holdem MTT, and Heads-Up are at 3:00pm EST Mondays. (Royal Tea Party).

7 Card Stud MTT and Heads-Up are at 3:00pm EST Tuesdays. (Down-The-River).

If you would like to join the Early Bird League, contact/ send a friend request to @Larry_Laffer, @Weedwoman420, @SuzyQQ, or @Grampenstein
Here is a link to their forum.
Early Bird League - Private League Discussion - Replay Poker
Here is a link to their rules and guidelines.

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In the remote wilderness of Scandinavia, where the cold winds howl and the Northern Lights dance across the sky, a new force was gathering. They were not the fierce warriors of old, but modern-day Vikings armed with a different kind of weapon: poker chips. This was the New Nordic Warriors Private Poker League, and their battles were just as intense as any raid on a medieval village.

At the heart of this league was a leader board, a battleground of wits and luck, where the top ten players fought fiercely for supremacy. The leader board was ever-changing, and with each game, alliances were forged, fortunes were won and lost, and the rankings shifted like the tides.

In the first position, a player known only as “Snowman” reigned supreme. His icy demeanor and calculated moves earned him the top spot, making him the envy of every other Viking in the league. @_snowman was known for his ability to read his opponents like ancient runes, and he rarely showed his hand until it was too late for his challengers.

Chasing Snowman’s shadow was “_Rain_,” a mysterious player with a knack for turning the odds in their favor. Rain was a master of unpredictability, and their presence at the table was like a storm that could either bring fortune or destruction.

“Goatsoup” held the third spot, known for a strategy as thick and hearty as the soup they were named after. @goatsoup’s skill was unmatched, and he waited for the perfect moments to strike, much like a Viking warrior stalking their prey in the wilderness.

In fourth place was “Harley5709,” a player who rode into the league like a thunderous motorcycle. @harley5709’s aggressive style often sent shockwaves through the table, leaving their opponents trembling in their virtual seats.

“mafus,” a cunning strategist with an enigmatic presence, occupied the fifth position. @mafus was a master of strategy, and he used that as a weapon, luring his adversaries into hands like a skilled trapper in the Nordic forests.

“Sue13,” the sixth-ranked player, was a wildcard. @Sue13 had an uncanny ability to adapt to any situation, much like a Viking chieftain changing tactics in the midst of battle to secure victory.

In seventh place was “southwestmba,” a player who brought a businesslike approach to the table. @southwestmba’s calculated moves and meticulous record-keeping made them a formidable opponent.

@Nebulos” held the eighth spot, shrouded in a cloud of mystery. Nebulos’s style was ethereal, and they seemed to appear and disappear from games at will, making it challenging for others to predict their moves.

@Dreamer2013” was in ninth place, known for their fearless bluffs and an uncanny ability to chase their dreams even when the odds seemed impossible.

And rounding off the top ten was “@jryoungman,” a player who had steadily climbed the ranks with a mix of determination and cunning, proving that even the underdog could make it to the upper echelons of the league.

Each game in the New Nordic Warriors Private Poker League was a saga in itself, and the leader board was a testament to the ever-shifting fortunes of these modern-day Vikings. They battled not with swords and shields but with chips and cards, and in this arena, victory was just as sweet and defeat just as bitter as any ancient conquest. As long as the Northern Lights continued to illuminate the sky, the New Nordic Warriors would gather, ready to rewrite the history of poker with every shuffle of the deck.


^^^ Awesome :slight_smile:


At the request of members, I have named our league games.
Viking Horde names


Medieval Matrix game NL Omaha Hi/Lo tonight at 9pm EST!
Play if you can members, non-members join up and have some fun!


We had a great NL Omaha Hi/Lo game tonight !

@mafus @boyd2 @jryoungman @_Rain @nutsmonkeyh @vtpcwizard @southwestmba @_snowman @goatsoup all made the final table it was an amazing game with some of the best players on Replay.

The final 3 battle was epic!

Here are tonight winners

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Omaha hi/lo Leader Board

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Combined Leader Board

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Congratulations @mafus for reaching the top! of the combined leader board


Congratulations @_snowman for staying on top! of the Omaha hi/lo leader board


In the dimly lit hall of Valhalla, a gathering of warriors from the far reaches of the Nordic lands had assembled. But this wasn’t a typical Viking raid or a battle for territory; it was a battle of wits and strategy. They were the Nordic Warriors, a fierce poker league horde of Vikings, gathered to play in the grandest poker tournament of their time on the digital realm of Replay.

The top players had carved their names into the annals of Viking poker history, and this tournament promised glory, riches, and, most importantly, bragging rights among the Vikings. Among them were @mafus, @boyd2, @jryoungman, @_Rain, @nutsmonkeyh, @vtpcwizard, @southwestmba, @_snowman, and @goatsoup. The stakes were high, and the poker gods were watching closely.

As the tournament began, the tension was palpable. The cards were dealt, and the warriors calculated their moves with the precision of battle-hardened tacticians. mafus, with a face as inscrutable as Odin himself, dominated the later rounds, amassing chips and crushing opponents with his well-timed bluffs and calculated bets. He was a force to be reckoned with, and it seemed as though he was destined for greatness.

But the other warriors were not to be underestimated. boyd2, known for his strategic cunning, steadily climbed the ranks, picking off opponents one by one. jryoungman, a newcomer to the league, surprised everyone with his fearless aggression and a knack for reading his opponents like ancient runes. _Rain and nutsmonkeyh, played hard with a fierce bets, pushing others to their limits.

As the tournament progressed, the battles grew more intense. The chips exchanged hands like Viking treasure, and the tension in Valhalla was thicker than the winter fog. mafus, boyd2, and jryoungman were locked in a three-way battle for supremacy. Each hand was a skirmish, and each bet was a challenge to their opponents’ valor.

But in the end, it was mafus who emerged victorious, his cunning strategies and unshakable composure leading him to claim the top spot. As the cheers of his fellow Vikings filled the hall, mafus stood tall, his victory a testament to his skill and determination. He had conquered the poker tables and earned his place among the legends of the Nordic Warriors.

All had fought valiantly, and each had their moments of triumph and glory. In the end, they all raised their drinking horns in a toast to mafus and the spirit of competition that bound them as brothers and sisters of the poker league horde.

And so, the Nordic Warriors returned to their lands, their heads held high, with tales of their epic poker battles echoing through the longhouses and around the bonfires. They knew that in the world of poker, as in war, there would always be battles to fight, but for now, they celebrated their victories and looked forward to the next tournament, where new legends would be forged and the Nordic Warriors would once again prove their mettle.


Hello folks.

We are trying a membership drive for the Early Bird League to hopefully fill our teams, or even create a fifth team.

Please consider asking a friend to join the Early Bird League. We now have 4 different tournaments weekly including: NL Holdem, NL Omaha hi/lo, NL Royal, & FL 7 Card Stud hi/lo.
All Games start at 3:00pm EST. We also have Heads-Up contests of all the aforementioned games.

We welcome all members of ReplayPoker.

We really enjoy hosting this league, and work very hard at making it better for everyone. Hope you are enjoying the league as much as we are.

Check out our Leaderboards here: Official Early Bird League Stats - Google Sheets

And Our League Guidelines Here:

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Fantastic League Larry!
Early Birds is one of my favorites!!

Valhalla’s Chosen game In the Nordic Warriors League, NL Holdem tonight at 9pm EST!
Play if you can members, non-members join up and have some fun!

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Great game tonight Congratulations @_snowman for the win

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