this is the nonsense thread full of chat for the mad :stuck_out_tongue:

anything serious or stuff that makes sense will be reported to the police immediately and gives a life sentence in jail. further no rules.

Morning yiazmat.

What are you referring to my friend ?


Oh wait , this is a new thread you are starting ?

I think I just got it. The Nonsense thread you are calling it ?

I think we have one already, no ? lol.

ok I got one that briefly made me mad: waking up at 7:16 just in time to miss my favorite tourney. (Does that qualify as a misdemeanor?)

I suddenly realized this is an entertainment cite - and asked myself are you entertained, ok - not yet… oh there is another tourney - easy fix.

This place rocks!

but what will you do if you don’t win the tourney, you won’t know if you would have won the other one, perhaps if this occurs you should ask your chips back + 200% bonus because you might have won the other one if it didn’t come so early.
problem fixed :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

So I thought about having a clone of myself made so I can play poker on two computers at the same time. I went to my basement laboratory, used a 3D Printer and a lot of scanned in samples. I had a defibrilator to jump start Krav2, and we went straight to relaypoker’s HiLoHold’em. but my clone kept typing offensive comments to the other players. Even when he won, he would curse the others. I’m reading all their replies keeping my identity a secret. Finally I had enough and went in the other room, led my clone towards the basement lab only to push him down the stairs to the bottom. Apparently the game modorator called the police to address having 2 accounts playing at the same time. (kravpoker and kravpoker2 kinda gave it away). The cops ended up arresting me for making an obscene clone fall.

how long are new players limited on the number of posts/replies? I have more Clean jokes?

Good morning!!! You belong to a community here and have no limit on the number of posts or threads that you reply too. Have fun and if you cross the line ( whatever the line is ) lol members and staff will let you know or not.

Have fun !!!

Yup that will do it. You can only have one account here. Hope clone 2 didn’t get hurt that bad in the fall lol

hahaha those urinals are awesome!

Let others join the conversation

This topic is clearly important to you – you’ve posted more than 21% of the replies here.

Are you sure you’re providing adequate time for other people to share their points of view, too?

This is the pop up I got on another thread , so apparently there is a limit. [ rolls eyes ]


Who me ? If you mean me the poster asked me a question and quoted me so I answered, then you quoted me.

If you didn’t mean me then disregard lol

lol… was just sharing the message I got when Replay felt that I comment too much. I will disregard your post :grinning:


Lol ok Sharon

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You gotta a pop up that said that ? Hahahaha. I never heard of that lol :joy:

True story…lol… I feel like I will be getting another one soon if I keep replying to your comments.



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This is how all the Terminator movies begin - Artificial intelligence emerges and gets ticked off with something we do. Hope you’re happy Sharon, you’ve doomed humanity. Just couldn’t keep yourself to 20% :slight_smile: