Non play in tournaments i just finished 4th in a royal tournament and the 3 people left 1 of them lee never played a hand and yet he will ca

i just finished 4th in a royal tournament where the top 3 cash chips and the one player still in lee didnt play a single hand and that is utter ■■■■■■■■ as he will now collect chips why is that allowed

Because the empty seat is a patient player and you did play against the empty seat properly.

Hi retiredgimp

The sitting out player has paid the buy-in of that tourney. With doing that he has the right to play according the rules. He can go all in every hand as the game is no limit, he can fold every hand if he wants to do, he can make his bets according the rules of the game type and he can sit out the whole game or a part of it.

With the sit out rule on ReplayPoker a sitting out player can not win a hand. Even not when he is all in with his last chips. His hand will be folded as soon there is a call on a blind or bet. Only when the sitting out player has the big blind and everyone folds, including the player with the small blind, he keeps his big blind and gets the small blind.

When a player paid the buy-in you can not remove him from the tournament, he paid for it.

And of course it is not funny when you are out of the tourney and the sitting out player still in and wins a prize, but same had happened when that player folded every hand.

Also not every player sit out on purpose, sometimes they forgot, lost connection, have problems with computer or have to go. There can be many reasons why a player is on sit out.

Greetings Happiness.

I thought I said that!