No tournaments showing up in Lobby

Hi all. Just wondering if anyone else has been experiencing an issue within the last few weeks or so, where when I go to Lobby to browse tournaments, mainly in the Sit & Go tournaments section, I keep seeing this message:

Sorry, there are no Sit & Go Tournaments available based on your filter settings

No matter what I do to alter the filter settings, or refresh it, it remains that way for a while, then eventually one or two small tournaments pop up, and then followed by some more. 0 players in each one, then they start to become slowly populated. Like the tournaments have been “turned off” or something. Not sure if it’s a glitch of some sort.



That’s odd that it’s continuing to have issues despite your filters – I’ve forwarded this to support for you so they can look into it. Please let us know if it’s already been resolved on your end.

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I have seen this happen and you need to refresh your browser, That usually fixes the problem, Might have to refresh a few times, Hope this helps :slight_smile:


BeerEagle69, Also check your game type and refresh those :slight_smile:

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Hello, thanks for getting back to me. It seems to be ok at the moment, I’ll see how it goes.