No support

pay but told table not fond…my chips gone?..too many hoops to jump in supprt site to get answer…:(…

Better to jump thru 1 hoop and write to support versus loosing your chips-my opinion…


did the hoops…
not worked

and made sure all updated !..

Also struggling to get into the tournaments. And no one around to assist…Hello…anybody home? lol

Tried to play 2 tournaments…2500 each…never could open the table. Lost 5000. Houston there is a problem.

no support on weekend

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i been here since 2017…right…a bit dissapointed in support…:frowning:

Send a message to support. Eventually they’ll send your chips back. What is not good is that Replay is not sending a message telling everyone there is a problem and it will be fixed…they say nothing

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ok week end thing?..ok… hard to get good help…lol

Weekends are the busiest. I sent a report about two hours ago and received a bot response.

ok …so mean while i can’t play… gave up chips to enter other tourney…same thing…

same deal…paid the entry…but no play

on week ends

Same here…pay but can’t play…never opens table

well i hope they read the forms…becuase support site lacking… but thx for yoy attention…::slight_smile:

My experience is Replay will credit everyone who couldn’t join a tourney.

Does it matter if it’s today or Monday? Are you so ‘broke’ you can’t wait??

All I’m saying is Replay is not out to cheat anyone. You’ll all be made whole…

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LOL all tournments are locked up. Ring games are the only ones working…

I haven’t been able to log into the tournaments all morning…have resorted to messaging a friend to find out if I am the only one having problems. Could ask the mods…but have already been told to check the forum. Can only lol at this stage

Hi Zoe,
I asked you to check the forum as I thought you would be interested to see that other people were having problems logging in too.
As I told you, the technical people are working on this and be assured the problem will be solved as soon as possible, please be patient, and in the meantime the ring tables are working perfectly if you would like a game.