No shows, at sit and gos!

Canyou please send warnings to no shows at sit and go tourneys? They sit out the whole game and claim second prize minimum, its not right. I have took note of these cheats and boycott tables they are sat at, because i cannot tolerate this dirty play. They are blatant cheats and this site would be better off without them. Is there any way you can give them warnings or penalize the culprits in any way. i would post there names in bold text but my post would be removed.

clearly this happens a lot again in the spring sit and go tournament – this is against all poker rules – they should be banned from the able after 10/15 minutes of no show — you give prices to people not showing up or after 30 minutes playing bingo all in once and if they show and finish before other players.
Clearly you MUST do something

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Sad to see all these years on and it still happens and so frustrating to come third in a sit n go when you played heads up and second goes to a no show. After the blinds go up after two rounds they should be obsolete from the game, so spoils the game play

I definitely agree they should be removed at some point. Makes a 9 person SNG pretty boring when 4 people never show up and everyone else wants points. Usually I just fold until they are finally gone, then the real game begins.

I have had this issue,so have had to sit and collect blinds for 15 minutes.I have noticed that it seems to be the Colombian mafia,as I call them.I feel that they are in contact with each other and only want to play with their south american hombres.