No receive or sending personal messages

what the … is this now . Can t receive or send any personal messages … why is it so often that something goes wrong ??? hate that.

Yeah, we’ve got a problem… but it’s being resolved (hopefully before Monday). Thanks for reporting!

dozier15 “why is it so often that something goes wrong ??? hate that.”

Because every change can bring some unpleasant change somewhere else. This changes can be: Your browser get updated. Flashplayer get updated. RP get updated. Server get updated.

one example: IE Explorer gets updated, RP staff fix it . Next day some user with firefox get some bug, then he report it.

And so on. Considering how many things can go wrong with only one little change,

the RP bug level actually low now. :slight_smile: Thanks for the IT staff who work on it.

AND thanks for users who care to report it. :wink:

Many thanks to the replaypoker tech-team to solve this on Sunday. Great:) Well done.

I love the fact that I can play for free and things get fixed so fast and problems do not happen that often.

Thank You



The Burgoes

me too:)