During a recent MTT 50K satellite game with the option of a rebuy during the break.Other players were allowed rebuys but i was not.How can this happen ? Any help appreciated.This happened to me before,but i won the tourney so wasn’t bothered.I got knocked out this time so now i am raging.(not really).thanks

Hi BIGLOSER1,If I’m not mistaken, you must have the starting stack amount or less to rebuy. Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Usually there will be a prompt, say if you bust out and get offered the “rebuy” option. Some specifically say @ anytime under X amount you can also rebuy. ( or in effect dbbl buy ), but to do this you manually have to click on “add chips” ( also call’d the dealer’s chips )… (while not involved in a hand) from there you do get a popup. Also @ break … to do any “addon”, I personally also do this one manually, but you should get a prompt… yet sometimes it comes later into break and you might not notice it in time. I’ve never “not” got my rebuy/addon, but many times( usually during break ) the auto addon prompt wasn’t instant once break started, … so now I just do it myself.

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at the end of the rebuy period everyone should be able to max out their rebuys. Replay has a lot of glitchy little things on their site which doesn’t make sense and bugs me. Especially in tournament structures.

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Hi dayman, I agree with you 100% but every tourney is different and you cant just keep buying and buying rebuys, there had to be a limit and depending on how many chips you have in your stack during the rebuy period can make a difference in your rebuys… or you will be able to accumulate enough chips to have a huge advantage over the other players. Rebuy tournaments are there for the purpose of getting knocked out and having another chance to continue the tourney and give you another chance at winning, or if your getting low on chips it gives you a chance to raise your stack a bit, not to have an advantage over the other players. That is my understanding of a rebuy tourney. I hope I’m not giving you the wrong information. Enjoy the tables and good luck :slight_smile:

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Thanks @doll46 for your reply. I may not have articulated well enough what I was saying. There is always a cap on rebuys. It can be a fixed amount or a fixed time limit. Which ever it is all players have the same opportunity to purchase the same chips everyone else gets. This is totally different than re entry tournaments which are far superior. Only like 1% of live poker rooms even have rebuy tours anymore because they’re not good structures and they heavily favour the pros so rec players hated them and complained.

Cheers and good luck at the tables! :slight_smile: