No muck Mondays

I think it would be fun to have a no muck Mondays. Turn that function off on Mondays so everyone can see the hands… might just make the game a little more honest? lol

Hmmm, more honest,…you think bluffing (and muck) is not honest:)? I like to hear more comments about muck. Why players muck. Or why players not likes that other players muck the hand. Just curious:)

I like muck. If you don’t pay to see I don’t have to show you unless I want to. Most of the time I don’t show unless it’s a player I think deserves to see my hand. I don’t know of any poker game that requires a player to show the hand if no one calls the bet.

Very interesting idea and I will always show my hand if someone folds before showdown if my auto-muck is off. I rarely will try to bluff unless I’m low on chips or if I’m sure someone doesn’t have the nuts.

However, I agree with Wagon, if you don’t call the bet to see it then you obviously think they have the better hand. A bluff would probably put you on tilt anyway so sometimes it’s best you don’t see it.

I wouldn’t mind the No Muck Monday’s though or maybe just a tourney where you can’t muck.

I completely agree with Wagon. Mucking is one of the tools of poker. I think I heard somewhere that poker is a language, and the tools (time clock, folding, betting, betting structure, all-in, etc.) were the words we used to communicate with one another. With a somewhat limited language, and some folks who don’t speak it, taking away an important word could radically change the odds. I never show, once in a blue moon I’ll tell (and I always tell the truth), and I’d just have to forego playing on Mondays to preserve my reputation.

On the other hand, a few clearly marked gams, or,as Muse said, a tourney or two, would be fine for those who must know but hate to pay for the priveledge.