No more minutes?

Why doesn’t it tell us in the lobby anymore on new site, the number of minutes till tournament starts? just the time it was posted, and who cares about that?

Hi gopo,

If you sort the lobby list by start time, it should show the minutes remaining for anything that starts in under an hour.

Hope that helps clarify.

Cheers, Lesley

Thanks Lesley, but I think you may not understand. I am talking in the tournament lobby. The old site used to show the remaining minutes till tourney starts. I used to pull up the lobby and it would show us remaining minutes to start. I hope I am explaining this right. Thanks

Sorry for misunderstanding. I checked the tournament lobby pages and I’m showing the minutes/hours to start up in the left corner.

If that’s not showing for you, I’ll let the tech team know so someone can take a look.

Cheers, Lesley