No more 2.5K games in Sit and Go

Did I miss the memo?
All 2.5K games seem to have been removed from Sit and Go tournaments.
Is there a problem with the program or is this a permanent change?

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Hi, for some reason the 2,500 Astral Orion SnG template was set to stop at the end of 2021, but they are back now.

Thanks for the Heads Up.



Thanks for your quick response - and action.
Purely a matter of self-preservation on my part. LOL
I have over 20 2.5K tickets and I thought I was going to lose them!!

Particularly attracted to your avatar. Stay Calm and Play Poker.
I joined back in 2016 - to Stay Calm.
I never thought I would still be playing 5 years later.
I was asked to become a Mod back then, but declined because I thought I could not do the job justice.
Ask me again in 5 years. I might have Calmed down.

Carry on the good work.