No limit take in whatever amount in

So we should have tables in low, med and hi stake rooms where we can take in any amount since alot of players like to play all in and hope for the best or win


We can not do that. The maxium amount you can bring in to the table is related to the levels. It would not be fair when a high stake player brings 100k to the low level table and starts to play bingo because he has a high stack. And the low stake player has only 5k on his bank.

Greetings Happiness.

You should be able to bring less there are times when you can’t get on the lower tables and you don’t have enough for higer buy in table and you can’t get more chips because you have more than 500 it may not happen often but it does happen

Hi Jmon.

If you open a room, take a seat and you type no amount, you bring in the average of that room. But you can type the min.amount. (or any other amount between the min and max buy-in)

For the room Hamburg Special is the mimium bring in 200 chips …(which we have recently reduced) For the rooms Prague Garden and Brussels Square is the minium bring in 400 chips.

Greetings Happiness.

It wouldn’t be fair to bring in high amounts to low stakes tables. If you want to play for high amounts go to a higher ranked table.

Thanks happiness I didn’t realize they lowered tables my computer has been sent out to be fixed and we are not yet able to play on our I pads so I haven’t been able to play for a couple of weeks