No late registration. awards for winning tourneys

unfair for 20 minute late registration. some players done went all in and all out before late players put up blind chips. awards 4 folded hands make no sense. should have extra bonus 4 tourney winners.

Hi rgrgrg

Late registration is up to x (on ReplayPoker 5,10 15 or 20) mins, or when the 20% reserved seats are filled up after start. Means the late registration can be done in 2 mins also.

Late registration is very common for multi table tournaments (on other sites sometimes longer than 1 hour), and the buy-ins increase the prize pool. And yes, it can happen that players are already out before the late registration is done. Not see why that is not fair to other players. All players have to win hands for ending up in the prizes, and when you start by late registration you must deal with players with a lower stack and with players with a hugh stack. The players with a lower stack already lost hands to other players.

At the moment only the 1 million guaranteed tournaments have a late registration up to 20 mins, if you not like that you can play the tournaments with a late registration up to 10 mins or SnGs. You have the choise to play what you like.

And possible the awards will be changed this year. It is planned already.

Greetings Happiness.

I see if player out, and rebuy in the tournament, this accumulate the bingo stile play. It is bad? It is good? Not sure.

For most players the intention of playing tournaments is to play a good game and try to end up in the prizes. And for earning tournament points for the leaderboards.

When a player goes all in others can call or fold, that is their own decision. All-in is not “bingo play” always, in my eyes bingo play is only when players go all in every hand no matter the hand they have. And in No Limit they can do.

In No Limit it is normal to place a high bet with a good hand, with a good hit or to defend your hand. That is poker, no bingo.

Re-buy is not available yet, but not see why that encourage “bingo-play”. You think that players pay twice the buy-in and not have the intention to play and try to win? Can be very expensive, it are play chips but you need them for continue playing.