No free Omaha Hi lo?

there never seems to be any free Omaha Hi Lo games ?

What exactly do you mean by free games? The website is fully free to play, nothing requires payment in order to play, have you tried clicking on the Betting Limits and Game type buttons in the Lobby to see which types of games are enabled or disabled to show up in the Lobby? You can set the filters to hide or show the relevant types of games of buy-in stake levels according to your choice.


This screenshot is for reference, make sure that the green ticks are enabled in whichever games you prefer to play in.

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I think @quinton1 is referring to Freeroll Omaha H/L games which I see there are two offered today.

Quinton1 needs to go to the Lobby page and uncheck Fav Only click on Game Types as you’ve suggested and finally click Buy-in All and make sure the Freeroll is checked.


thanks guys. I just want to play Hold’em or Omaha or Omaha Hi/Lo for fun or free or whatever its called…
so once I’m in the Lobby. where do I start: Ring Games? Sit&Go? Multi-Table? Missions?

Freerolls. The rest was already explained.


The only Freerolls I’m familiar with are in the MTT section.

I hope this helps.

OK. I THINK i got ot figured out.
It’s a little confusing …figuring out what the different terms mean exactly…:man_facepalming:

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Good luck with that :+1:t2:

Welcome to my world… Trying to figure out what stuff means. Just ask if you need any more help.


Just a little and I hope I was able to help. Btw, I’m kind of a Hi/Lo Savant.


I just realized you may be unaware of some Replay features.

On the far left click on the Star symbol to make the type of game one of your Favorites then click Favs only. Now, only your favorite games will always show whenever you have the Favs only box checked. Clicking the Star is a good technique to bring up new Promo games but remember to first uncheck the Favs only box otherwise the new games won’t show up on your Lobby screen.

Again, I hope this helps.

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