No Dead Blind?

First hand of the day and this happens??? Why am I dealt in the BTN position and NOT required to pay the Dead Blind???

There are a few rules in ring games on RP to stop players from gaming the system - taking unfair advantage and exploiting loop holes… When a player joins a ring table (first hand) 1. you will NOT get dealt in SB or BTN positions with 3 or more active players 2. You must pay the BB in BB position or the Dead Blind in any other eligible position… Maybe there is addition reasons for rules 1 & 2 I’m unaware of…

If a player can break these rules they can game the system on RP and gain unfair advantage - basically cheat the system.

Below is from RP GLOASSARY:

Missed blind: When one sits out in either of the blind positions, it is usually necessary to pay (post) the equivalent amount in order to rejoin the game.

Dead blind: A bet collected before the hand is dealt, which is part of the Pot, but does not count toward the posting player’s contribution if they are required to call any other bets or raises. The most common occurrence is when a player is required to pay a Small blind and a Big blind at the same time in order to rejoin a game they previously played, and the Small blind amount is dead.

You are shown as Dealer, and personally I would never complain about not having to put down a blind, especially a big blind. If you get dealt a crap hand, it’s a free fold. Nothing to complain about.


Yes that’s my point! Normally you can not play as the BTN (dealer) or SB positions for the first hand after joining a ring game… Imagine if u were playing and chips were awarded to you incorrectly? Is it good to get free chips and have bugs and glitches willy nilly?

I know its a FREE poker site with FREE worthless chips but I still expect it to work properly.

There is a setting for this too, but i can remember it changes nothing. I tested it after my start on Replay. Other sites have the option to wait for big blind to play 1st hand. Or you have to pay BB + Deathblind. I like it not to pay for random holes.

Hi DogsofWar

It is because after the previous hand, 994807319, only one player(Arley2023) was dealt in. We take the view that this is effectively a broken game and you are starting a new game.
Because 994807509 is treated as a fresh game altogether, to enable everyone to play, no dead blinds are taken. Notice that vlk joined the table and took a small blind. Something which is also not standard.