No connecting

I sign up for tourneys but they never load say connecting please wait and then reconnecting please wait. Twice tonight one on a 50,000 chip and one 8000. I tried another computor in the house same thing… I love to play here and it has been good .

Hi Burgoes.

Often it is a problem with software. In what browser are you playing? For me Mozilla Firefox is working well. Google Chrome is working good too. Make sure you have the latest version (or uodates) If one browser will not work try the other.

Very important is your Adobe Flash Player, you need that and always the latest update. You find a link here on the site. Click on the tab Help & Support, there on FAQ. Then you see the link Adobe Flash Player.

You also need Java and the latest updates.

I hope this helps. Greetings Happiness.

Burgoes, is it still happening?

He is in play in a min ago. I mark the thread as solved.