No brainer, right?

i’m looking at some pretty sweet pot odds, but doesn’t someone gotta have AA?
i have ATo

results aside, did i make the right call?

It probably would not matter what I’m holding here. Unless I’m doing hyperspeed SnGs for a leaderboard, I’m going to sit back and let folks like this bounce each other out while the blinds are affordable. So, yeah, pretty much a no brainer.

I agree. There are too many coins flipping for my comfort.

With ATo it was alright to raise from the button, but you would not want to call a shove at this stage of the tournament with such a weak hand.


Yes, easy fold.

Open bigger with the 2 limpers in. AP, easy fold.

main reason this hand interested me were the pot odds. still haven’t figured out if i add the chips i might be risking, but it should be between 4:1 and 5:1. the chart i use puts KT at a 12.4% of winning on a ten seat table, no fold, with all hands played to the river. i assume that with 5 hands, that would be 25%.
if we remove common sense, and only use those stats, would that mean it’s a push? Basically, do you want to gamble on a 1 in 4 chance of winning, to win 3 - 4 times you money?
am i looking at this right?

Let’s say you’re looking at a 100 chip pot.

Any chips you’ve already put in are not yours any longer, so don’t count them. You’re only thinking about the bet currently before you.

A player ahead of you bets 25 chips. Now the total amount in the pot is 125, and it’s 25 more chips to you to call. So for your 25 chip bet you can win 125, which is a 5x return when you win. If you can expect to win at least 1 in 5 times, then it’s profitable to make this call over the long run.

Make sense?

Note that it’s your odds of winning the hand, and not the odds of hitting your draw that matters here. The two are related (you’re more likely to win if you hit your draw, since it improves the strength of your hand) but you can sometimes win without your hand improving, and you can sometimes lose even when you hit the draw.

Example: Yesterday I flopped trip 2s, improved to a straight, but my opponent rivered a better straight and won the hand. It sucked. Serves me right for slow playing. I was ahead the whole time until the river.

Of course, you can also consider raising, and that’s another decision that you could make. Don’t forget that. It’s not just a decision to call or fold. If you do raise, then there’s additional decisions to make about how much, and how to continue if you are called or re-raised.