No bingo

It would be nice to have certain tournaments that youre rankings are the only way you can play them so bingo players cannot join them only true poker players play them !! it gets old playing with these players who ruin the game for the rest of poker players not bingo!!

Guess what you mean is “pot limit” which

does exist

I think what Donscott is suggesting is that certain tourneys have a restriction so that some players are excluded, principally those that play bingo style, ie. a low level of playing ability. I definitely think there’s opportunity there to encourage good play ont he site, as the obvious danger is that as we attract more and more new players to the site, the overall quality goes down and the more serious players are increasingly turned off. It’s an important topic and ripe for discussion, for example, how do you restrict whilst not getting too many false positives ie. allowing the true poker players to always access a game.

I sympathise with donscott, but it is an opportunity for the poker lover to take advantage by cleaning them out with the nuts or top hole cards. If you get unlucky, you can play another game on this top site.