No available MTT or Ring games

For the last week or so, The site shows no available MTT or Ring game for me, SNG work fine , All my filters are set at “ALL”
yet I ger the message “Sorry, there are no Multi-Table Tournaments available based on your filter settings”

This glitch has been occurring and has been reported for the last 3 years. To correct it refresh your web page by using the F5 key (sometimes several times is required) or just highlight the URL and hit enter which is what I usually do.

Next time this occurs, click on the Game Type option and you will see all or most of the options are crossed off. You can also check the Betting Limits and Buy-in options and you will see similar options crossed off.


Everytime this happens to me I restart my computer then everything is back to normal.
Just another option if F5 isn’t doing it.

I tried to refresh, and reboot. I cleared the Safari cache removed all existing cookies nothing seem to correct the problem. I cleared all the filters in Betting limit, Game type, and Buy-in (several times). I am using Safari on a new Mac Book Air with a M2 chip, and OS 13.5.2. I can enter a MTT from the dashboard, but can not see or access any ring games or MTTs from the lobby. The lobby works fine for SNGs

The new Mac OS 14 will be available next week, that may change things.

I will try a different device, It worked perfectly until about 5 days ago

Try another browser that clears history along with cookies, before they even are allowed on your pc.


I’m just responding here so other players are aware, based on our email correspondence, we’re able to sort this out for you and tables are showing in your lobby pages based on your filter settings.


Yes , I tried everything, but the problem boiled down to the fact that I had the “Fans Only Box” checked. Don’t know how it happened. Once unchecked everything works normal, and all games are visible.

Thanks for your help.


I don’t know about a Fans only box, but I assume you meant Favs only. Easy to overlook, done it myself a few times.

Quite often it’s the simplest of things.


Yes I find the things I’m looking for all over the house are usually right in front of me!