No achievement for winning a tournament?

Hi all,
I’ve just joined and this seems like a great site.

Fortunately, I won a tournament - stack builder I think it’s called. But I was sad to see that I didn’t get an achievement. I know they’re a bit silly and meaningless but I like them.

I think there should be an achievement for winning a tournament.

Thank you all for your time.

Steps down from podium to raucous applause

Hey Cindy! I do see you that you won a Bankroll Builder tourney, but still have a couple of locked achievements. My guess is that you weren’t level 10 yet when you won that tournament, and you need to reach that level requirement first. Now that you’re level 10, there are many new achievements available for the taking!

Thank you so much for adding the achievement Fizzy. That is really nice! xxxx

1 800 5550WAAA !!! lol Im just joking ! lol