NLHE is dead!

The great chess player called Robert J, Fischer, IQ 181, GENIUS, WORLD CHESS CHAMPION, MASTER OF OPENING THEORY!

I followed his career and I am not good enough to understand why he made the chess moves he did, but I know a genius when I see one. Later on, in life he suffered from delusional thinking, but despite all of that he is right about one thing! and that is chess! Chess is pretty much dead. Because any player can just turn on a computer and use that to beat any human on planet earth!

Right now I feel like I am on the same boat as Bobby Fischer because I feel NLHE is also dead! It uses to be if I didn’t know about how to play a certain hand, it would take months of thinking or advice from really good players to improve. But nowadays with the advent of GTO, all I do is turn on my computer and let it do the thinking for me!

And when you have two really good players such as Idiotplayer and I, we will be basically trading chips all day long, today I win 200 million, tomorrow he wins 200 million, and this goes on for like 3 or 4 months and in the end, nobody but the casino make a big profit!

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Power lifting is also dead. Anyone with a jack can beat the biggest power lifter.


I agree!!!

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How about trying Omaha or Royal while we catch up to you? I think a week or two should buy us enough time!

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I have been wanting to take a class on how to use a slide rule, but I can’t seem to find one anywhere.

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dietzgen slide rule

These guys made some of the finest precision instruments (slide rules, drafting equipment, et cetera) in the world. I doubt you could find a new one, but a good used one is easily available and not terribly expensive. And, you’ll never need to change the battery or update the program.

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I think the people here are smart, it won’t surprise me a harbinger will becoming!

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Disagree on this one cat. NLHE is of course the most widely studied variant and there are a bunch of tools to help with that. However, I think that even the best players in the world who are far better than you or I still have massive leaks in their games which could be exploited. Nobody is even close to playing GTO. There is still a lot of disagreement on how to play hands amongst good players. Solvers miss crucial spots with unusual sizings, can only do heads up spots postflop and are very limited in terms of how much they can be used to find exploits for people’s weaknesses. Actual games are still incredibly soft and fish are still out there too. You and idiotplayer may be of similar standard and that standard might be far higher than the general player pool if replay, but I’d bet that if someone put in enough time working out and properly studying your games they’d be able to exploit the both of you for a pretty big margin.

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I’ll add to this that the game can’t be considered dead unless it’s discovered that there is a proven way to win 100% of the time, or break even 100% of the time by following an optimal strategy.

Tic tac toe is a solved game. I believe they’re close to this point with computer-aided chess. I have my doubts that with the asymmetry, incomplete information, finite chips, and randomness of the shuffle, that NLHE that it can ever be 100 winnable or 100% breakeven.

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im sure you will be able to do that. I can’t wait to see you at the tables!!!

Solving NLHE, would mean figuring out a strategy with optimal EV for every position. Doesn’t mean you win / breakeven 100% of the time at all.

Okay…just another topic that reminds me what a Luddite I am. Don’t have a clue NLHE is or means, but I did used to take awesome rides in my friends convertible GTO. As far as a slide rule, I have one, and a compass and a protractor…doubt any of them will help me with poker, but they sure come in handy when you need them!!!

That the point I am trying to make, we have reached the zenith and that is GTO, with enough computing power we can now solve NLHE. For example, short stack 50bb is solved for HU, we already know the perfect solution. And 100bb HU is probley already imperfectly solved. Now, what left is super deep stack such as 200bb to 500bb, but that’s also not relevant because we can derive solutions by analyzing the solution we already have.
I guess my complaint is that I am once again bored, I no longer find anyone beside Idiotplayer or Gamergirl a challenge, when I play someone I basically don’t even have to think and just go by memory or instinct and just collect chips, HAHA!

HLHE mean no limit holdem. I know you are attempting to be funny in a way. Its ok I guess.

Well, you haven’t played everyone on the site yet, so you never know. Maybe I’ll see you at a table sometime, but you’re probably playing at too high stakes for me to reach for the foreseeable future.

If you’re really that good, start teaching others, and when they approach your level then you’ll have challenge and fun again. I don’t mean just posting your wisdom in the forums, literally take a promising apprentice under your wing, and coach them.

If you’re really that good, though, you should consider turning pro. Do you ever play for real money?

yes, I hear what you said. But let me give you an example. In 1895 a young man aged 16 applied to one of the most prestigious schools in Europe called " Swiss Federal Institute of Technology." He, unfortunately, he failed the entrance exam. He had no choice but to apply to a lesser institution of learning. after graduating he applied to become a professor but was duly rejected, because, well he did not go to a prestigious school. However, He went on to become a patent officer in BERN. But, unbeknownst to everyone on earth, he didn’t learn anything at school, even after graduating from school and being a lowly worker at a patent office, he was still doing theoretical physics. ALBERT EINSTEIN!

My point is if you are really that good, you really don’t need me to teach you anything! I learned everything on my own, so did all the great poker players!!!

If all the poker greats are so great, why do you think they all have a book or a class to sell? Why don’t they hoard their hard earned skill and knowledge and use it to win money at the tables, instead of having all these side gigs? There is a reason.

And, no, Einstein didn’t come up with relativity out of a vacuum. He was a genius, yes, but he had the benefit of being educated. He didn’t figure out everything himself, unaided. And most importantly, he shared what he figured out with the world! His example proves MY point, if anybody’s, not yours!