Night of 2nd place finishes

In my Astral League SNG games today, I took 2nd place in 3 of them, and didn’t money in the other 2.

Usually in heads-up play, I prevail. I hardly ever finish 2nd in a SNG.

I don’t know that there’s any analysis to have here, it could have just been a matter of luck. In the first, I had the bottom stack, and couldn’t overcome that disadvantage.

In the 2nd, I had the misfortune to go bust 3-handed, with the #3 finisher, both of us shoving into the big stack’s AA. I actually did great in this game, the competition was very skilled, and I slowly built up from an early down position to make it to the final 3, got KJ and raised it, got called and raised, figured I couldn’t fold with that many chips in the middle, and I’d ride it out. Could have hit two pair or a straight, but didn’t get anything. Not much you can do about that, really.

In the 3rd, I started out even but quickly lost a big hand and had to try to scrap back. I managed to get back even again, through a series of aggressive shoves. Then bet a flush draw into a made flush, mistaking a hesitation-shove for a bluff, and got creamed. My flush wouldn’t have been that strong even if I’d made it. Really my only dumb play of that game, but by the flop too many chips were in the middle and if I’d let the hand go I would have been back to desperation shoves again.

I wish I could say that, I usually come in 2nd or 3rd for some reason.

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1st or 3rd for me. I can handle HU pretty well.

When I get past the bubble in a 9-seater, usually I have the big stack, which I’m sure helps a great deal when it’s heads up time. But I’m not always the big stack. Those are harder to win, but I love the challenge.

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