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Here’s how heads-up has been going for me lately.

Limp 64o from the BB, flop trip 4s, V goes all-in on the Turn, with nothing, just a draw, river delivers.

2nd place for the 2nd time tonight, here’s the first.

The classic small pair vs. AKo that makes you hate playing AK for big pots preflop. Completely expected and ordinary, another 22k loser in the scope of the tournament, and 171,000 in chips won out…

And to start if off, my AA getting cracked by QQ. No strategy, just re-raising until all-in preflop, and it’s all over on the flop.

I came back quickly, and then exited the tournament even more quickly.

AK making top two pair. Hand #562682776 · Replay Poker

Flopping top pair on the next hand, Tens, with KT, 3-barrelling into pocket KK to give it all back.

AQo, hitting a good top pair this time.

And then missing with AK again, bluffing the flop with half my stack to get committed, in no way does V buy that I have a Q or a 6, they raise, and so I give away my stack after I make certain I’m beat.

Another OK night of playing well. +215,500 on the night.

AK vs, 73 for all the chips. V raises, I re-raise, he jams. I have AK. Board had 2 3’s. And it’s always some stupid hand like this that ends up robbing me of a SNG table win. I’m 100% ITM this week, no win higher than 2nd, through my first 7 games.

Now, I know what you’re probably thinking. I’m not whining about these beats. Every big hand that I’ve been the loser of this week, I’ve gotten it in ahead, and running the hands through an odds calculator, I’ve been 70%-85% to win the hand. I’m actually proud of that. I’m not making stupid decisions and getting expected results. I’m 100% ITM on the week in 9-Max SNG play.

I would like to say well done on the 100% thingy…
dissapointed you posted a bummer hand tho…

(I look’d up Puggy and played (2) Sngs with him, full disclosure )

Had a recent nice hand … (3max trbo SnG) ( in the 2nd one )
( alien grey never showed and was blinded out by me )

Saw Shirls win a nice hand the SnG before ( in 1st SnG )
Next hand I took down … nh 4me

Puggy, that 1 hand with Shirls, you got yourself in that mess
all on your own. You were BB and SB just limped, flop was
Trip 3s for you and 1 paint, (K33) SB minbets it, and you didn’t
push the issue right there. Instead you just call all 3 streets
for a minbet, leaving you with less than 2bb when you lose,
because K caught up and had a overboat to your Trips/boat. (K33 K x)
S’ok, I stopp’d the pain on following hand… heh heh

Unless you’re totally bored, I can’t see these 3max trbos as a
good use of time. They’re over in 10-15 hands, and they don’t
count for anything else.

Again good job on the ITM so far in 9max. When the only hands
you’re losing are hands you are in and ahead in… and ITM like
you are so far, A) you’re doing something right and B) playing solid
poker will overcome random bad beats over time.


Re: not shoving after flopping trip 333s. They had top pair, Kings. They were either betting:

Pair of Kings.
Trip 333s, possibly better kicker than I had.
K3, flopped boat.
KK, flopped boat.
Some random pocket pair.
Complete air bluff.

They’re not folding anything but complete air, in which case I don’t want them to fold, I want them to continue bluffing, and put themselves all in. If you play enough of these 3-Max games, you will learn that it’s all but unheard of for anyone to ever fold any pair. People will call all in on bottom pair. Shoving the trip 333s wouldn’t have gotten a fold, and I still would have lost the hand. Unless V had the air bluff, in which case I close the hand prematurely and get less value from them, and why do that? A second pair on the board was the worst thing for me if V’s not bluffing. But if V had X-3, I’m chopping, and if they had a random pocket pair, I’m about 98% in that spot. If I lay down, I’m out a few more hands later anyway. So it’s not a good outcome, but I understood what I was doing and I had my reasons. I’m not bothered by it.

I’m more bothered by the next game, where you opened up with a weak Jack, and I raised you with K6s, you jammed, and of course you pair your inferior hand you had no business opening with and KO me on the first hand of the game. I knew you were raising junk, and I called with junk, but it was better junk. Just, as in 90% of the hands I’m 2/3rds favorite to win, I lose. And you probably think it means you’re a better player.

3-Max short stack format is not a very reliable game to win. It’s higher variance than a lot of the other SNG games. I don’t play them for my bankroll to grow. I play them because they are a good simulation of post-bubble 9-Max, and you have to find a way to win them to win any chips out of them, which makes it a good way to practice for winning bigger SNGs and tournaments, rather than accepting 2nd & 3rd place finishes and feeling good about at least winning something. And long term, upping your 1st place finishes by converting 2nd and 3rd to 1st is a very good thing for the bankroll.

The second King coming on the Turn was my death, and I knew it. I could fold there, it was easy to see they had a king and now a better full house. I didn’t fold, because I no longer cared about winning the hand or the game at that point. I’d already lost enough chips to have no chance of winning unless I won that hand, and I knew that I wasn’t going to. Sometimes that happens. It is sometimes better to just give up a lost cause and find another table to throw away another 10k on.

Finally a decent suckout for a big pot for me.

K9, flopping top pair, turning two pair, running out a full house to beat an under-set that improved to a full house on the river.

Finally, finally.

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Very nice!

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Two VNH’s from tonight. 1/4 ITM in 9-seat SNG play, and a complete bomb out 33/35 in Badonk’s wednesday game, and I’ve yet to win my first SNG for the week.

At this point, I’ve completely given up on playing heads-up. No matter what I hold, I misplay it, and get beat in bizarre ways. So I might as well not try and just bingo it all-in and trust the coinflip and the big stack when I have it. Since it doesn’t matter what I’m holding or what I do, why attach any concern about it at all? Just get it all in and get it all over with as soon as possible.

Here’s how I got 2nd in this game:

99, hero call of the week candidate. Hand #563601035 · Replay Poker

K-high spades flush over two pair JJ44. Hand #563602986 · Replay Poker

Another 99 to KO #3 finisher, forced all-in on T2. Hand #563605733 · Replay Poker

Heads-up lasted 3 hands, I just gave up as soon as the hour break happened, not caring because I expect to finish 2nd, so why not try for it! At least I can say I hit my mark.

K7 shove into KTs, to lose the big stack and give-up shove 96 the hand after
to conclude the game and find the next table. Hand #563607100 · Replay Poker

Typical trap disaster.

I’m in early position, KQ. I get called by two players, flop misses, coming in low. We check around. I pair the King on the Turn, and elect to check-raise. I check raise AK, and give away my stack.

It’s a bluff a lot of the time when last to act bets pot after two streets of no action, especially when they make it a pot-size bet. And even if they have a King, I beat a lot of them here. But, because it’s me, I get to run into AK. But just in case it was KJ, the river was a J.

From there, I ended up rebounding and winning the game, my first 1st place finish this week, and I’m now 9-3 on the week ITM, with a 92% profit. Which, all things considered, I’ll take.

I desperation-shoved A8s, and hit a pair of 8’s on the flop, cracking AK who called, to double back up to a little over starting stack. Hand #563613460 · Replay Poker

From there, I played T9, flopping two pair, but with 9TJ on the board, I’m probably looking at a flopped straight (with my luck) or a draw that will fill. I bet pot trying to take the hand, and am raised, a pretty big raise. I jam, and am called by QJ. Board runs out 7-T, giving me a river boat, and KO’ing my opponent. Hand #563617638 · Replay Poker These two pair flops hardly ever run out to a full house for me, so it was nice to hit this one, even though I didn’t strictly speaking need it.

A while later, we’re 4-up, I’m on KJ, and open from 400 to 1000 chips, and get called by the other big stack at the table. Flop comesin KA2, and I bet at it, but am called. Fortunately, the turn gives me Trips, and I bet again, and am called. Now I’m worried I’m up against AK or KQ, but at this point the pot is too big to do anything but play for it. The river puts a 3rd heart on the board, and that could be bad news for me as well, but I put in a huge value bet, hoping it doesn’t get called. But he calls, and doesn’t have it. I am guessing either a weaker King, or else a high Ace with a broadway draw that missed. Hand #563620387 · Replay Poker

HU, the pot of the game came right after I had just lost 6000 chips and V had pulled slightly ahead of me. I am on 54, which I limp from BB, and flop comes in low, 253 rainbow, giving me top pair, and a draw. I shove on it, hoping to close the hand, and fearing getting called and beaten by a later pair hitting for V, or v having A4 and flopped straight. V calls, with J4, on a draw and no pair, and doesn’t hit anything, I end up wnning nearly 27,000 chips, leaving V with 72 chips, and I think that’s the most I’ve ever won in a single hand in 100K SNG play.

I mopped up a few hands later, winning it 63 over 62, for what is probably my most ridiculous win in a while.

In order to put context to your posts, I been trying to get in a few of your 9max Sngs. Just so happens all you were playing was 3max. Those are … fun, funny, and tragic … so lets just laugh together… ( and I only play’d 2 of them )

I do think they can be profitable both BRwize and Timewize, but with only 16bb to start with and that cut in 1/2 for lvl2, you can’t just sit back.

Personally I think you said, ohh great Sassys here this should be interesting. We dont normally play in the same circles. By the time in that 1st 1, the gotcha hand hit, I was up 400 and u2 were each down 200, and I folded. It was lvl2 so you each had 6bb.

ok, so you’re down to 6bb, 6bb & 18bb ( 3ppl ) … I’d certainly be happy to scrape the blinds/my BB here/free BB and grab the adv over 3rd by shove’n the 3s, especially since he bet out and might have a K, and might hit another … you want the K out now.
You tried to trap and the turn was a K. You outlay was 2bb, you have to shut it down there to a bet. Most of us don’t want to or usually won’t do that tho. Instead you spent another 2bb to call 2 more minbets. ( and lost )
In your 9max run only hands you were crusing did you lose, we said good, yet here 333 vs (u think) KK and you don’t pull the trigger 3 handed.

Im confuzed, you say you play cause its like the end of a 9max, yet you don’t play it that way it seems. Or am I misss’n something ???

I caught the next one when this 1 ended, and it seems you were bound and determined not to make the same mistake again. I was UTG, 1st hand, and as you put it we both had junk, but you were suited so not junk to me. I didn’t rep junk, I bet out 3.1bb, you 3! (1/2 stack ), I 4! all in, you called.

I couldda just as easily had AJ as I did J6, so with no hearts or a K you wouldda lost either way. Let me run you by with my mindset, ok Puggy …

With an alien there ( grey’d/sittn out ) , its now HU. 1st hand I wanna win even if just blinds, so I bet strength figure’n you’d prolly just give me the blinds not wanting to be all in 1st hand, and knowing if you reopen action with a raise, I might just do that and re-raise.
You decided to make it 1/2 stack with your raise … knowing if I bust you , I can maybee blind out 2nd for a easy 1st place, I decided to 4! all in. Its 1st hand so if you call me and lose ur gone. I certainly bluff’d UTG, but in that situation, I’m 4!'n you with any 2 cards, because I will play a bluff like I play the nuts.

If I lose, it took 1min to play, If I win it will take another 3min to Win.
I catch a Late J and take the pot and eventually the win. no biggie.

in a subsequent post while I’m typing this you say…

For good/bad Puggy, I usually play HU ( end of SnG/MTT ) 1 way. Shove/fold. I’m not gonna get bullied off hands, if I like my hand I’m IN, otherwise I’m OUT. Don’t ever give me free looks on my BB. Sure its higher varience than other ways, but I’m ok with that.

Its also how I play those 3max, pretty much any hand I play I am more than willing to get it all in if I like my hand or posistion. You got my std game for that format, and NO … while winning with Junk is a skillset, in this situation I’m not claiming winning this hand makes me a better player than you are.

My post was meant lighten the mood, and a tad bit of advise.
Not to denagrate you for your play, hope u know that.

Keep looking for me at the 9-max tables.

That night we played, I had just finished 5 in a row ITM victories in Astral Pegasus, and switched over to 3-Max for a little short stack practice to see if I could figure out what was going on with my post-bubble game that was keeping me from winning them.

Spoiler alert, I didn’t learn anything useful. I learned anything can happen to me, and usually it does. Doesn’t matter what I’m holding, it’ll lose. AK vs 73, they hit trip 333s. It happens so much, I know when it happens or when it’s going to. What’s the use in trying to fight it?

I’ll say again, when I flop trip 333s, it also loses for me. Shoving on the player with top pair would NOT make them fold, and the outcome would have been the same either way. The King would come, and I’d be screwed, and the outcome would be exactly as it was. Betting or not betting doesn’t influence what cards are dealt. And I know in that situation, if they fold all I did was chase their chips off the table. I wanted to keep them in. I didn’t want to see another King. But when I did, I realized that yet again that the fix was in, and why fight it. Sure, I could fold there, and be left with, what, 150 chips, maybe? What chance do I have, when your minimum to see any flop is 200? Do I think I’ll see a stronger hand than 333 in the next hand? I could have just closed the window and signed up for a new table right then.

I don’t have to justify my play to anyone. But a good play is to look weak when you are strong. It’s easy to fold anyone who has nothing with a min bet. When you hit trips with two garbage cards, you’re well disguised and a slow play is often profitable. In that particular hand, no. It blew up, because of the king pairing the board. Just like 60% of the hands where I’m 60% favored. But I’ll be happy to run that same hand 10 times and let them bet more into me with top pair vs bottom trips. Why scare them away when they’re paying you? The whole point is to get them all in.

My plan was to shove on the turn after they bet again on their pair of Kings. They ended up with their 2-outer, full house, and ruined the plan. If I’d had more chips to fall back on, it would have been a fold there. With the dwindling stack, I just gave up at that exact street. It’s puzzling to you why I would play that way, since isn’t the point to win, not to ever give up. But to me the low buy-in 3-Max is practice, and practice is throw-away. You can experiment, take risks, and once you know the result you can consider the experiment complete, even if the hand or the game is still running, and walk away from it, if it’s purpose is served for you. Which, for me, it was. I can burn a million chips in a day playing 3-Max: 20 50k games, or 100 10k games.

Throwing away the last 150 chips on a 10k game that hasn’t been working out and isn’t likely to is nothing to me. In fact, if it helps cultivate a reputation that I’m a loser and don’t care, that’s what I want you to think, because when I play you at a 100k game, you’ll think I’m the same player. Why do you think I post so many humiliating bad plays here?

Why? Because you said many times that you come here to vent right? But when you are venting its because you tried to win the hands/pots ( but lost ) and not trying to lose them or just give up on playing. Also why are these being posted in the NH thread? just curious.

I come to the forums for many reasons, but I created the Today’s ridiculous hands mainly to vent, and commiserate.

I started the NH thread at Sassy’s suggestion that I try posting some good outcomes and hands that I thought I played well.

Sometimes I have also posted hands that I was involved in, that were nicely played by someone other than me.

In this thread, I’m not looking to vent, but to share hands that were either well played (I either made good decisions based on the odds at the time, and it worked out well, or I played a great bluff, or I structured my bets well and extracted high value out of my opponent, or whatever) or were fantastic cards (hitting quads, for example).

This week has been a strange one, in that I’m winning chips out of SNGs, but struggling to win them. Not playing poorly, just running into a little bit of ridiculousness heads up, or just bad luck. I’m not throwing a fit about it, I’ll be annoyed for a bit, but I let it go. It’s easier when you bust ITM and are +profit.

I believe in posting good and bad hands. I watch some instructional and coaching videos, and they almost always show me example hands where the hero wins. But I think to be a good player, you need to review hands where you lost, and learn from them as well. And you need to see bad beats, so you know they happen and expect them to happen, so they don’t tilt you because you played “right” and “didn’t deserve” to lose. The coaching videos that only show you good plays that ended with good outcomes do players a disservice, creating an illusion that you can win every hand. Even if you know you can’t, you can fool yourself,thinking that you are accepting losses by folding. Well, sometimes you will lose showdowns, and you will definitely lose all-in preflop a lot of the time, because that’s the nature of the game.

You told me, in the other thread, this happens to everyone, it’s not unusual. I’m starting to believe it. I’m not as prone to emotional upset at these hands as I’ve been for months. I still like talking about how I do in the games I play. Even if it’s not amazing, just a typical game, each one is interesting to me, and it’s as fun to tell their story as they are to experience in the moment.

Hearing someone’s bad beat stories is almost as much fun as looking at a stranger’s wedding photos.


Was it worth your time to come here and say that?

We shall see. You should note how many people are clicking your links. Nobody has bothered to click on any of your more recent ones. I’m not attacking you, just stating a fact.

Posting your bad beat walls of text may help you vent, but the forum doesn’t exist just for you. Try posting things that can be of benefit the community as a whole. Post hands that can be analysed in order to give less experienced players insights into the deeper aspects of game. No offense intended, but you come off as totally self-absorbed.


So find another thread then.

It’s a public forum. I will say what I want to say in any thread I choose. More to the point, i will say what I think needs to be said when and where I feel the need, not for me but for the greater good.

Right now, I feel the need to suggest that you abandon soliloquy and embrace dialog. Post one hand at a time and ask for opinions on how you could have played it better. Engage with the community and add value, both for yourself and for the readers.

I’ve made numerous suggestions on how to improve the Replay experience, most of which have been totally ignored. I don’t do it for kudos, I do it because I want to see this site and this forum grow and prosper. Sometimes only a true friend will tell you when you’re wrong. Accept my advice or don’t, that’s on you.


You’re welcome to post wherever you want to, but if you’re going to invest your time in writing about how my posts are a waste of your time, I’m not sure you understand that the solution is within you this entire time.

So post constructive, on-topic content. Don’t meta-discuss the forum in a thread. That’s off topic, and will be flagged such.

Flag away Pug.

I’ve said what I needed to say, good luck.