Just wanted to say that somehow I was selected as “Player of the Month” for the Newsletter. While they don’t drop a bunch of chips on me, give me a trip to the tropics or any such thing. It is, when I thought about it an honor to be selected out of the thousands that are registered. It certainly wasn’t based on my play because I am mediocre at best, coulda been my looks, hmmm, its a thought. But in reality I think Replay is offering this accolade to recognize and influence comradere and sportsmanship on the site. For that they need to be commended. It is after all a free site for us to have fun and make

friends, so that said, lets do it.

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Well deserved honor Bill. As one of my first friends on this site you have made playing his crazy game even more fun. Your common sense approach and sense of humor is greatly appreciated. As you say-keep on keeping on.

Well Smarty, if u are good maybe some day I will be reciprocating with your most gracious (rolling eyes) praise. Ur the best (No eye roll) !!!

Thanks Bucky, I enjoy playing with you and the rest of our “Rowdy Friends” as well.

Well Well Bill…well deserved. You are a joy to play with. Have ya thought of running for President, not that far off if ya start now! Sharon could be your vice!

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right on Smarty (I know about “THE LIST”, but I won’t tell anyone)

Congratulations Bill! And thanks for agreeing to be featured… we certainly appreciate yours and everyone else who contributes on the forums here! Have a great Easter all!

Thanks to all of you I enjoy paying with each of you and all of those on RP, Let’s keep on, keeping on!!