Newbie to Replay

I joined Replay about 2 months ago. I really like the fact that you don’t have to download it on your computer. Most of the people have been very friendly and I do enjoy playing on this site because it is a faster play. I don’t understand what the value is in getting points for tournaments, unlocking achievements or moving up from Bronze to gold. Is there some type of chip incentive to do this? I will enjoy looking forward to playing all of you but you might not feel the same about me. I am on here for relaxation and not confrontation. After all, it’s not real money.

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the tournament points you have gained will be counted together and they place you on a monthly/yearly leaderboard, after the month/year the top … (don’t know exactly how much ppl get it) will get a chip bonus prize.
however to get there you will have to play an extremely amount of time.
also there are more leaderboards then just monthly and yearly, there are also for specific tournament categories.

and about the achievements, they are just meant as collectibles, so besides winning them there are no additional (chip) prizes.
and the difference of bronze silver and gold is also only the value as a collectible.

hope this helps.

yeah what yiazmat said … you can go to Promotions to check out Leaderboards.

Thanks for the reply!