New ticket type

you should make a ticket where you get the ticket and it gives you 500,000 chips but you die within 1 year

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That’s a great idea and also " Gifting " Chips to friends. It would not be like " dumping " as long as both parties are not engaged in play on the same table or even logged into the site at the same time.

As of right now you can only buy chips for friends.

I’m fine with gifting a ticket but not with gifting chips. It is not fair to other players
not everyone has fake rich friends lol. Besides isn’t Replay trying to sell chips (it is a business)? how does letting players giving other players chips help them ?(Replay) Just my opinion :slight_smile:

One of my friends gives to me 500 . 000 chips, she got a nasty SMS from RP and me too. Don’t hope that they will let you give thickets to friend. Its not good businesses for them.

The only way I know of of giving chips to someone you have to buty them from Replay first and that is helping Replay.

And I can not type worth a flip lol

She spend over 2k per month to support site and they was not nice with us when shi gived to me 500.000

Yeah, I was driving at like twice the sped limit once, and this cop pulled me over and gave me a ticket. He said something about the rules applying to everyone, can you imagine that?

What no solar powered car SunpowerGuru lol

They are talking about rules when you give chips for free to your friend and there is no problem if you buy them for friend. So, Sun , give to your cop some money and he will let you go… Lol.

Wrong, wrong… wrong.

It surely is dumping… according to current ReplayPoker rules… Rules I might add , that are too strict… and I was surely told Staff likes it that way , and won’t be changing anytime soon…

While I dissagree with current rules, I think they should stay as they are …

Once here I was in a bind, last few hours of a promo and I need’d 1 win to make the bubble in… I play’d hard… got down to last 2… and I said…( just like I would at a bar, or what can happen in vegas )… Dude, you wanna chop the pot… You let me win, I give u my prize money , because he couldn’t qualify anyway…So he did, and we met on a ring table, and I lost to him that 100k from the prize… and I wasn’t shy about it, cause I didn’t see anything wrong.

ReplayPoker, was all on me… They said many forms of creative ways to move chips around between accounts fall under the “dumping” rules…

1st off : Reg tickets are just like cash, treat them as such… if you can’t give 15k away, you can’t a 15k ticket.
2nd : You’re opening up a whole different realm of collusion, other than exsists now.
3rd : What about other tickets, can I give away a champ MTT monthly ticket… techically a sattalite is a sattalite, doesn’t matter into what MTT you can get to…

Changing current rules will open a can of worms.

I don’t think that you should be able to give or dump chips in any form or fashion. Play YOUR game and see how it stacks up against other players. After all, the goal is to win…FAIRLY.