New ticket(s)

Tell me more, please.

Hi sarkozi

Tickets replaced the tokens.

In the satellites you win tickets now, with a ticket you can enter a particular tourney for free, you pay the buy-in with your ticket instead of the chips buy-in.

At the moment you can use tickets to enter the Sunday Million, soon there are more tournaments where you can use the tickets.

ReplayPoker hopes to go live with a new daily tournament schedule next week (if all goes as planned)

Also, it is easier organize step promotions and other promotions using tickets instead of tokens.

Greetings Happiness.

Are we have shorcut to blog rp ? I dont see them. I was looking for… whatever , thanks Hap

Down at the page in the black line you see the link to go to the Blog.

We used to show the latest blog entries on the old homepage, perhaps we need to add it back somewhere on the dashboard. Hmm…

I saw him ,thanks.