New Table Design

This is a copy of email I sent to replay support:

These new tables are nice looking but they are not ready for prime time.

  1. The 4 color option does not work properly. In view 1 and view 2 attachments I have 2 diamonds in my hand one red one blue.
    2)In view 3 I lost a lot of chips on this hand because the flop did not show 3 red diamonds as it does on the replay view. Due to the fact that flop did not show 3 cards of the same color I continued to bet and caught two pair and was befuddled when the chips were sent to the other player. It wasn’t until I opened up the replay window and saw the that the flop was 3 diamonds.
  2. I f the option for a four color deck is going to work all cards revealed to me must show the same ie. when the other player’s hand is revealed at showdown it should show me the color scheme I have chosen not regular color scheme for opponents cards and four color scheme for mine.
  3. The technology exists (Club WPT) where my seat position is retained when being moved between tables, why do I constantly have to readjust my seat position and also the aforementioned color scheme selection.
    I understand that you are working to improve the site but vast changes should not be made until they have been adequately tested.

Comments welcomed

I have similar problems with the colors. Diamonds are almost black and clubs are light gray and blurry. If we chan fixs the colors cand you give us a deck with A K Q J 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 big and bold with a c, d, h, or s below it. I believe they sell decks like this at stores that carry merchandise for the visually impaired.