New Stake(s)

Add a new stake(s). We now have low, medium and high. I think that some people want a new goal, so maybe add new higher stakes. (Without Gold Member)

Do you mean add a new lobby, so for example: Low, Medium, High then add Ultimate (or Premier). And only allow members who have won that award to access it (by acquiring a minimum number of chips). Or simply adding new tables to the existing lobbys where the stakes and min/max bring are higher? I’m aware that a lot of the highest tables require gold membership but as it’s not working, no one can access them currently.

I mean a complete new Lobby Low Medium (>45k) High (>100k) Elite (>1 mil) Ultimate (>10 mil) --> I know not many will reach it, but i gets some new toughts Than u will have to change all the blinds on the tables in that lobby as well offcourse.

Got it! I like the idea of adding an Elite lobby a lot. Depending on how successful that is we could consider going even further and adding an Ultimate lobby as well.

The alternative would be to keep it at the current three but change the requirements for each lobby, ie. minimum chips required to access it and then change all the buy-ins and blinds.

Certainly interested in hearing more opinions.

cant you just open some gold-member tables for the regular players, because they ( G members) dont play on those tables?

Yeah, we can certainly do that. Currently the gold membership sign up isn’t working, so that probably explains why no one’s signed up as a gold member and playing on these tables. We’re currently reviewing each lobby in turn, starting with the multi-table tournaments, then working through the rest and updating the schedules, buy-ins, blinds etc. to make them more enjoyable. Hopefully the first round of updates (to the multis) will go live this week, maybe even today or tomorrow.

great idea

Lovely to see you guys working this hard to improve the site!

Thumbs upppppp !

great idea,

please do it ^^

Thanks for all the feedback, keep voting and if it’s proving to be a really popular idea we’ll add it!

do it its a great idea !

Low Medium (>45k) High (>100k) Elite (>1 mil) Ultimate (>10 mil) --> I know not many will reach it, but i gets some new toughts

Great idea, with higher bb, like 50k.

You’ll be pleased to know our new Elite lobby will be launching in the next few weeks.

top, paul.thx

when they are finished

You’ll be pleased to hear we’re coming to the end of the first stage on development work on ReplayPoker this year, which was fixing the outstanding bugs and issues. You’ll probably already have noticed how much more stable and robust the site is today, compared with last year. This month we’ll be working on new features, including the top voted ideas such as turbo tables and re-stock chips on the table, and of course the updated configuration of tables and tournaments which includes the brand new elite stake lobby.

How bout penny tourneys? Put some cash on the site!!

Actually we were contemplating offering some cash prize tourneys, you’ll just have to wait and see!

Since we are talking updates and improvements. How about a better profile area? Maybe?

You dont know unless you ask :slight_smile: