New Site Layout

Hi all, I like the new layout very much, but very sad to see you say no new games or surprises. What has happened to the promised hi/low omaha? I thought this would be included in the new format. Pretty please, when will it happen?

Will be new games, and omaha hi low its under work.

I dont think they can give a date for thet. Sorry.


Very impressed - you have stated the tourney starting times in the lobby at UK times for the Brits. Thank you that is very helpful. xx Kate

I like the new layout, new always has problems. I know they will work it all out.

This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled site change. really whats up with the changes on this site. I registered for daily satalite tourney and this new site would not let me in on the table to play. this really sucks and I think I should get my chips back. someone needs to straighten this site out and stop making changes that are hurting this site.

Rest assured we haven’t forgotten about Omaha Hi-Lo, we’re all excited about getting it live. But as you might guess we’re juggling a few different priorities right now, so we ask you to just remain patient, it’s definitely on it’s way!