New rp or old rp?

dont know why but your site 2 day really is something 2 be desired folded hands auto just dont like loseing when had no choice just saying mite because you are shuting dow old rp but still is wrong should of told us all not 2 play till change over was done just saying

Hi texaspete, if your hands are auto-folded, it sounds like you’re accidentally clicking the pre-action options. I’ve seen this happen often with players, as the pre-actions are in the same place as the action buttons, so if you click twice you can easily set them in motion. The game table is exactly the same between the old and new sites, and turning off the old website today, was a very simple update which had no effect on the gameplay. Can you keep a close eye on those pre-action buttons and see if you accidentally click them, if so let me know, perhaps we can move the buttons about.