New Release: Achievements 2.0!

We have an exciting new release that just rolled out – Achievements 2.0!

@GoldenDonkey, @kick_start, and the rest of the Replay team have been hard at work determining fun ways to stretch yourselves at the tables – including specific accomplishments in ring games, Multi-Table Tournaments, and Sit n’ Gos. Not only will you have the satisfaction of a new badge on your profile, you’ll also be rewarded with chips based on the difficulty of the achievement!

Here’s the list of new achievements to strive for! You can view the requirements for each of these on your achievements page.

Very Nice Hand
Get in there!
The Best of the Best
Super Hero
Challenge Everything
Running Hot
Banana Split
Team Player
People Person
Community Favourite
True Leader
Getting up to speed
Getting serious
Sharp as a Knife
Eye of the Tiger
Like a Boss
Bust a Staff!
From Fan to Star
On a Roll
Marathon Man
On the Other Hand
Making Waves
That’s the Ticket
Ticket Hunter
Clean Sweep
Job Done
Small fish are sweet
Gemstone Master
Ruby League Champion
Sapphire League Champion
Emerald League Champion
RTC Champion
Slick Win
Regional League Champion
The Hustler
RPOS Champion
The Sheriff (special volunteer achievement)
Tower of Babel (special volunteer achievement)
Player Rep (special volunteer achievement)
Blog Buddy (special volunteer achievement)
Track & Field
Nice Pic!
Hockey Sticks
Bankroll Builder
Opal League Champion
All The Aces
Ursa Minor
Ursa Major
Celestial Champion
Diamond League Champion

Frequently Asked Questions:

What do I get out of achievements?

A sense of, well, achievement! You’ll get a badge on your profile to show off what you’ve been able to accomplish in your time at Replay Poker. You’ll also get a chip reward for earning an achievement.

How many chips do I get per achievement?

This depends on how difficult it is to attain the achievement, but it ranges between 500 and 10,000 chips.

What has changed with this new batch of achievements?

When we initially launched achievements, the biggest piece of feedback we received was that you’d like chip rewards to accompany the badges. So we’ve added that as a new feature. We’ve also included achievements related to ring games and tournaments, special events and leaderboards, and even volunteering. And finally, achievements are no longer tied to your RPP Level – you can earn them at any time.

Do I get chips for the old achievements?

Going forward, our launch achievements will award chips to players. However, we aren’t able to retroactively reward chips as it would be too significant a change to our chip economy.

I am a volunteer and don’t have my achievement – when will I receive it?

Volunteer achievements must be added manually. Your badge should show up within just a few days. :smiley:

We hope you have a blast earning this round of achievements! We’ll be adding a feedback thread next week, after you’ve had a little time to interact with this batch.