New problems on Halloween Marathon

Today have the players problems to use their tickets. I played at 5:15 am US eastern time and had to pay chips for playing instead of using one of my tickets. All had this. Moderator Jonahh wrote a message to staff because this. On next MTT 3 hours later i could use a ticket for register, but i unregistered then and didn’t play. But i see not all can use their tickets. Now, on next MTT, was big problems because the tickets again.
For me it was no problem to pay the 10K chips to register, but i hope i get them back. On the MTTs are low stake players too. They have tickets, but they have not 10K - 40K chips for playing their MTTs today. Not good. And not many players play there today.

Many messages are to see on the MTT lobbys:

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Please see new topic regarding these issues:

Halloween Marathon Ticket Issues 10/25/23