New player freerolls

I noticed this morning that new player freerolls aren’t listed in the MTT schedule for the next 2 days. Have the new player freerolls been discontinued?

I have just checked and all the New Player Freerolls are listed in the lobby for tomorrow and the next day, perhaps you need to refresh your browser?
You could also just check your individual settings for the tournaments to make sure you have ticked “all tournaments”.

I don’t know… You must have 1 heck of a browser, because mine shows (with freeroll,etc. ALL listed) NO new player freerolls for the next 24 hours. Anyone else see freerolls like grapevine? Not exactly earthshaking I know. Just curious and BTW: thank you Grapevine for the reply…

NL Hold’em

Oct 26, 9:45am




Apologies as this is copied via my iPad, and the times are UK ones.
Hope this helps.

Thanks for pasting that. Still don’t see it or any the ones that should be in between: 1645pm, 2045, and 0045. Oh well. Sorry to waste your time …

Apparently IT IS MY BROWSER (Chrome) because I just tried TOR and sure enough they are all there. PLEASE accept my APOLOGIES!

Now I’m REALLY confused: I tried Edge and Chrome and the only browser that shows all the freerolls is TOR…

The ’ lost and gained ’ hour is to blame . You may have just expected a certain time , looked and found nowt . Sorted now tho’ .