New Player Freerolls Proposal

The New Player Freerolls were created to give an easy boost to new players’ bankrolls but now a massive amount of people register for these compared to before I just played in one with 40+; when I first played the number of people registered for these was in the low teens and it payed out 9 places so it was very easy to cash (and build your bankroll). My proposal is the number of people who can register for these tourneys should be capped at 20.

These tournaments are also made for new players to gain expierience, so limiting it to 20 players would go against that.

Another option would be to expand the payout (expand it to a 50k prize pool and payout the top 20 finishers without capping the number of entrants.)

This is what it used to be when I was a new player, but for some reason Replay changed it to 25k for reasons I do not know.