New "look" glitches?

since the new “look” has been implemented on the site I am having problems getting to game after clicking play, also I have been disconnected from games during play extremely frequently and further the graphic display is very slow

I see some minor change in the site in the past hour, some bug fixed, I guess the staff work on it right now. Be patient if you can. If care to help, post the glitches/bugs details. Thanks


What the heck guys I cant get on a table to play. please fix asap I want to play with my friends Thank Youn William Haase

Absolutely terrible since this ‘improved look’

Tables and tournaments running again. When you was not able to open the tournament table please ask back your buy-in by sending an email to support.

Sorry, but something went wrong. We’ve been notified about this issue and we’ll take a look at it shortly.

Thats what I get when I try to play.Suppose it is better than the black screen earlier.

The tech team is working on it. Got that message also when i tried to open a table.

You can open the tables again now.

Still like the new site better and hope they get it working and go back to it.

Perhaps if you changed

when there only a few player…2 to 5 AM est or when your visitors are the fewest - that would affect the least when your site crashes? Or only change a little if that is possible…i understand the tables will be the same… maybe just doing like the turneys page? or sit & gos? 1 at a time? just my comment Good luck

They did make change before on friday-s. Im happy its not anymore, lots of people in trouble in weekends thet times. They can only change it in one go. Small other things, can be and they do change thet in small steps.

Will be ok. Be patient a bit, they work for us after all. :slight_smile: ATB