New holdem game idea

two cards down, then flop 2, turn 1, river is down so everyone has 3 down cards, any 5 usable,what do you think?.. guess I’m sick and tired of getting screwed and bad play, I’d love to try this idea!

made a mistake, 3 on flop, only difference would be river card everyone gets one down

game called crazy pineapple. dealt three cards and rounds of betting. flop comes and must discard 1 card and then round of betting. then its turn and river

cool beans, just want one down and dirty on the river

cool beans. i like that saying. :slight_smile:

I’d try crazy pineapple, sounds fun.
Thought it over some more, what I’m thinking would be a game called Dirty River hold em, or just plain Dirty River.
Played just like regular hold em except everyone would get their own river card down and dirty :slight_smile:

Follow the queen. Any card after a queen is wild, played this as a kid:).ohh, the queen is wild 2:)

kids games? howabout crazy 8’s lol …no wild cards please

Some new players here think we are playing go fish lmao:)

I would recommend to learn the poker games offered here before coming up with grammar school games.

I like “go fish”…hehe :slight_smile:


Anymore New Holdem Game Ideas ?

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Jacks to Open, Trips to win, Probably would last in a MTT about 24 hours LOL but a good game to play at home with a few folks:))

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Forgot that is a 5 card draw game, must be getting old, hahaha. Still sounds like fun

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Sounded like fun :+1:t2::joy:

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