New Game / Open Seat Announcements

Hi I’d like to suggest a feature to announce new games or open seats. It could be a ‘Broadcast’ similar to how you announce all the tournament winners. This would be a unique feature and good for generating interest in less popular games. Thanks for considering.


You mean in the chat box where tournament winners are announced ?

thats why we need a chat system, including global.

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Wow – GREAT IDEA! Especially when we go to HTML 5! Thought it might jamm up the current chat board since we cannot turn off Broadcasts to free space for player chat… Micki


Exactly, in the chat box. I think it would work best if there was a button on your table where you could request your open seats be announced or perhaps it could be an option in the lobby somehow. The system could require some wait time before another announcement or a max number of requests per hour.

Thanks again for your consideration.


Awesome idea !!!

I am wondering where it would stop… right now pretty much just MTT stuff is broadcast… so if we then add SnG and Ring games for broadcasts, then that tiny 4-5 line chatbox will get overwhelmed. Replay doesn’t offer a way to expand that box like other sites do, but even 8 lines prolly wouldn’t be enough for an xtra 100 tables or more, “requesting” broadcast time… I’m sure then many players would ask for a way to disable broadcasts ( as they already do for just the current broadcasts), and selectively too… not to mention the bandwidth alone it would take for all those additional broadcasts.

You Idea has been floated around before and its a good one… personally I kinda like the Idea of a chat system that has a global content, but also say lobby specific, and private rooms… all that is beside the table chat… You really do have to advertize seats to ppl not playing currently, rather than to players already currently playing on tables… don’t you??

What happens if your “max # requests per hour” is reached 10 minutes into the hour, then all the work making the system hangs up for another 50 minutes till the counter resets ??

This is where, if you had lets say a SNG Lobby Chatroom, then you could advert just announcements for SnGs… and your suggestion makes alot more sense… but right now with only table chat available, its really not doable ( unless you can disable them, and most ppl would disable them, making the point moot )… Think of those ppl who just wanna sit/play with friends in a ring game ( or a custom league ) … without another place for all these adverts, those ppl suffer with tons of broadcasts, they don’t wanna see.

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Sassy, sound logic as always!:sunglasses: I think this is a perfect idea to kick off the new HTML5 site. But flash is not hospitable towards these sorts of changes… Much to my chagrin, and everyone else’s… :frowning:

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Thanks again for the replies. Sarah, I’d like to offer some more thoughts to address your questions. Though most of what I have to say is my opinion and it would all be up to Replay just as every poker room has its own rules.

As far as the bandwidth and chat-box space issues, I think all broadcasts should have an option to be disabled. Someone from Replay could correct me or shed more light on the situation but I think the bandwidth requirements are minimal, it’s more of a programming issue which I’d guess is a bottleneck on development. Further, my vote would be to get rid of the tourney winner announcements altogether.

Personally, I want to be able to tell all the people playing texas holdem to try POT LIMIT OMAHA. People play more than one table all the time, so I would definitely prefer announcements to go to people actively playing, not to the lobby which would often be in the background.

For fans of SIT and GOs, their announcements would do much better at live tables as well. An announcement for SNGs in the lobby would be kind of redundant. Anyone in the SNG lobby sees all the games already. Also, people in an active ring game would surely try a SNG if they got an announcement that only one or two more people are needed to be full. The promise of little wait time would get takers all the time, especially from people who might not otherwise open the sit and go lobby at all. These announcements (my opinion) are mostly to get people to try something new.

For the counter, timer, etc, here’s my simplest idea:
If there is a button on the table to push, Then it could simply be ‘grayed-out’ or clearly disabled if whatever limit has been reached. If the game is still shorthanded after a set time, then the button would turn back on. No need at all to save a record of requests. You wouldn’t want your announcement time-delayed anyways, the game might be long gone. At the end of the day it would be the developers’ job to make it work as efficiently as they can if they want to implement the idea and I would guess they could find a way.

MickiFin, thanks for being receptive. Are you involved in development? Or what all does a moderator do for Replay? Good luck with any changes you’re planning.


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well… I suggested the Get Chips button be on the tables… where folks really need it sometimes!!! No. i am not involved in development, but I look critically at the site & take suggestions to the staff.
I am a Volunteer, helping keep Replay standards and keeping my eyes & ears open! Techinically we are supposed to be good table hosts, friendly examples, hall montors, player/coaches & pit bosses all in one!:star_struck: LOL if there is a problem player at a table, and talking it out does not work, we can perform some temporary interventions to prevent an escallation. I think they forgot pig wrestlers :pig::pig2::pig_nose: but shh… :roll_eyes: don’t tell them … ok?!?

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While on other sites I was able to multi-table fine, its many times harder to do so here … mainly because Replay Poker is a no DL site… Browsers make crappy poker clients…

Having said that, you now understand why if I’m already playing, I’m not gonna bail to play something else till I prolly bust off the current table/MTT/SnG, rather than having more than 1 table open @ the same time. So yeah for that reason I would advert to players currently on the “side” rather than actively playing.

As for trying to entice Holdem players to play Omaha… why not come here and put up a few threads on why Omaha is such a fun game and holdem players should try it more… give reasons, tips, lessons… but drive players to Omaha that way ??

I currently am trying to look for ways to see less information around here, not more… so if I’m a holdem player why see adverts for omaha… or if I’m a ring player why see adverts for MTT/SnGs … ya know what I mean ??

As far as your bandwidth paragraph… its kinda complicated to explain, but yes more broadcasts = more lag and more bandwidth used … think of it this way, if you are receiving an update on 5 tables, your page refresh rate (lobby) is far faster than if you get updates on 100 tables… Everytime a broadcast is sent, the main server sends to all active clients… so 1 to 2,000 ppl, is 2,000 … 100 to 2,000 is 200,000 … on the user end, they are receiving that 100 as opposed to 1, which means your browser is processing those in addition to table play, and you will get laggy tables with more broadcasts…

While I do not, many ppl have the lobby and the table both open and can see both… Also I’m only watching broadcasts for things I already wanna play, or just to see who’s winning what… I’m more apt to try something new, due to a creative and new promotion.

Now I hate to pop your bubble, but getting something like this implemented is prolly min 9 months out if not more like 15 months if @ all… I have seen much better ideas from 3 years ago, that still haven’t been implemented yet…

I 100% agree that some way to advert stuff should be available, it seems that the only adverts are on the Dashboard, and like noone uses the dashboard that I know of for that reason or any reason… hahahahaha…

1 of the things ppl like about replay is almost the bare bones feel, I know of a simmilar java-script enabled tier’d chat system that would be awesome here and solve alot of problems, especially the 1 you are describe’n …

Did I offer more info this time Vin ??? I am not trying to quash your thread, I want it to succeed… hell I even suggested a simmilar idea in the past, I just know that it is ALOT of coding involved to do this… add to the fact that I can start a new Omaha HiLo table and sit there while the players that will play that format are more willing to be the +1 or +2 and “waiting” on a full table, rather than helping me establish a new table… so you have that hurdle to overcome too.

(edit) please Vin, I am kinda tired so if you can find any problems with my post, please let me know… I like to know when I mess up, so I can fix it asap…

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Sarah no problems at all, it’s good for whoever might make the changes to hear all sides. Thanks again for your feedback and good luck at the tables.

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hi most of the topic’s start of so well. But nearly all with in these threads say {that’s why we need a chat room}it gets boring. I & my friends on this site play poker & chat at the same time.If we don’t wish to chat we will not try to find each other. How often do you go into a casino and have long meaning full conversations. you go to gamble. The thing about this casino/site is you only lose time. lol We do not need chat rooms…

We have a chat box for a reason now. I never have a meaningful conversation at a casino table ,Chat absolutely !

I chat room is nice to shoot the breeze. If you don’t want to participate you have the option not to enter.

Relay is a sociable recreational poker site.

Enjoy it.


as most here probably know, i do enjoy the chat here.

but if you really don’t like it, you can put it off by going to your settings, then select the first bar (probably it’s there already without selecting), then click the lowest selection to put the chat off.

hope this helps.

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I was afraid of Omaha. Then I discovered the site showing my best hand now i play occasionally.

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What ?


I agree with Craig!


i agree with sharon to agree with craig.


I agree with you because you agree with Sharon and me lol.

I wonder how long this will go ? would be fun lol.