New Feature: Private Tables

Hi, everyone – we have some exciting news to share!

We added a new feature that players have asked about for years: Private Tables. You can create your own private table by clicking the drop-down menu in the upper right.


Right now, you can create a NL Hold’em 1/2 table, either normal or turbo speed, for you and up to eight of your friends. We plan to add more variations in the future. Please note that it may take up to 30 seconds for your table to be created.

Once you create a table, you’ll receive a link associated with your account to share with your friends. To invite them, send them a message – either via PM, email, social media, or whichever way you keep in touch!

We have quite a few plans to enhance this feature over time, such as adding a quick and easy “invite” button from the table so you don’t need to manually send a link. Please use our Private Table Feedback thread to share any questions, suggestions, or issues.

We hope everyone enjoys having a new way to play exclusively with their friends! :female_detective: :clubs:



Will my private table link change each time, or is it always the same?
Your link is directly associated with your account and remains the same.

Can I create more than one table at once?
You may only have one private table running at a time.

What if I want to switch my table to a different setting?
After ten minutes of inactivity, your table will lapse and automatically close. At that time, you may create a table with new settings.

What happens if I leave the table?
If you still have friends playing at your table, it will remain open until they leave. It will close after ten minutes of inactivity.

Can my friends share my link with their friends?
Yes, that is possible. Make sure you trust the people you’re inviting to your table!