New Endorsements

don’t get it you people. many crapped all over missions, but love this childish endorsements. like many you posted in missions thread, wish could turn this feature off

Don’t use it is same as off.

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but I can still receive them, so its not same as off.

What are endorsements for.


I dont now with this endorsment,feels bad when you get a helping hand! Then the other laughs at you!!!


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Don’t look at it that way Johan. Someone had a problem and you helped them. That is a good person :+1:t2:


I have a question about the Endorsement Ranks. Do you need to receive or give a certain amount to increase the rank? Mine is still Rank 1, I’ve noticed a few of my Friends have ranks 3, 4 or higher. I presume they’ve just been more active and given/received more Endorsements.

Correct :white_check_mark:

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Gracias Craig.

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