New Endorsements

There is something odd with the new Endorsement feature. By way of example check out RP’s top list. You will notice that there are 3 top 10 players with a zero rating and only 2 players ranked 2 (highest rank for this group). Seems odd that the highest ranked players on this site would have so few endorsements. I suspect this may be due in part to the level of exposure these players have with the lower ranked voting majority. I would be curious to hear what you think.

Most of the top 10 players don’t play at a 6 or 9 player table rather they play heads up for huge stakes so the exposure to lots of players to give them endorsements is non existent.


My experience of Top Players is that they can’t be bothered to acknowledge anyone. That means they don’t give themselves the opportunity to earn any Endorsements !

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Endorsements great idea! i just decided to count how many i have given out_571! received 30!


That’s great!!! I see you have an endorsement rank of 2 already out of a possible 5 plus you get the thousands of endorsement chips every month :+1:t2:

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It would be interesting to hear suggestions from others on how this new feature might be improved.

where exactly do you find those chips?

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Click the chip ( account summary) next to your avatar on the main page top right then click ( see all transactions) then scroll to see your bank history . It will show up as “ monthly endorsement award “ you get it once monthly. I don’t know how it’s calculated.


The one thing that bothers me is that i am re-endorsing some players each time i play them, after the 24 hour buffer period. I am assuming this is allowed. I play as many as 5 tourneys a day, all 50,000 chip entry, thus, i see many players repeatedly. (I have been in a medical facility for 6 years recovering from a broken neck from an auto accident).Thus, a group of players could get together and play each other every day and explode their totals astronomically, thereby corrupting the purpose of the endorsements.

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So sorry to hear of your injury :pray:t2:

There are private leagues that play against each other everyday and friends that gather like yours and there are no reported problems. Everything seems to work well so don’t overthink it. Your doing fine and reaping the daily and monthly chip endorsement awards. :+1:t2:

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dos-rios I was thinking we already have a poker pro ,good sport. and helping hand endorsements right. Now we need a donkey endorsement added.


In my experience, the “Helping Hand” endorsement is effectively used to diss other players. I have received it many times after bluffing off my whole stack at elite stakes ring games.


I think people that win a large amount of chips off a player that had a lousy hand use it as a way of saying
thanks for helping me to build a stack


Just to be clear the quote above by me was not directed at BlackWidow or anybody else in particular.