New display for BANK

Looks like a new layout for the BANK tab. is there a back to the old display button / option ?

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I love the new layout - its modern and user friendly - change is good may take a while to get used to it but its great

Looks really professional :+1:t2: The site is looking good :blush:

How could you call it better when they took away the transaction list? I looked at that each day to check leaderboard payoffs and the like. Now there is no reason to even look at the bank page. IT SUCKS!
I agree with ds9861, let me have the old one back!

When you go to your ‘Bank’ , scroll down and you see 2 tabs, ‘ Statistics ’ and ‘ Transaction history ’.
If you click on ‘Transaction history’ there you can see what is happening on your bank account.

Hope this info helps.

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Aha, they hid it, just great. It showed w/out the extra click before. Thanks Tiandra, but no thanks replay, lol. I think they just wanted to give a new look and priority to the “Buy Chips” area. Good luck with that Replay, lol. (not gonna happen)