New Button

I just noticed the new bright gold button that says " Get Chips " in the top left corner of the table window.

I clicked on it and it took me to the " Buy Chips " page.

I think the button should say " Buy Chips " as its kinda misleading.

I didn’t read about this new feature anywhere but who has time to click on it in the middle of a game and go through the whole process of buying chips ?

There is barely enough time to figure out your bet.

Hey wait, that must be the plan lol :rofl:


I agree. The button should say “Buy Chips”. Though I do like the button and it will be more convenient for players who want to buy chips.


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Yes but it’s so time consuming from the play table. By the time I clicked on it when I saw it, another window opened up to the buy chips page and I lost my turn, chips and was folded.

There is no way you can buy from the game table that is convenient without getting out of the game for a bit and possibly losing your chips. But hey, you can buy more lol :).

It’s already on the home page and is says " Get Chips ".

Oh well, that’s my take on it.

Get vs Buy… If player has less than 500 chips, they can ‘get chips’ for free, up to 2500 more, like Main ‘Get Chips’ page says… Button Names consistent with one another is OK by me…

I like it - Fits the Microsoft Model of giving users several ways to perform the same action… Though perhaps we should have a special ReplayPoker Keyboard with a GET CHIPS button!! LOL

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:wink: Craig,

They hired a few more ppl, they need’d to be a bit more inurface about chip sales… :sushing_face:

Yes its prolly easier to do it outside of a table, but some ppl only have the table open and need a way to pump more chips so they can keep thier seat and rebuy back onto a table… This way they have a way to accomplish that… :woman_teacher: … I’d like a few more buttons, but I don’t exactly know where to stick them…:drum: …plz :recycle:

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Good Point Sassy! Geez… I had never thought of that…

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